Evil Mastermind Party Planning!


In less than a week, I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday surrounded by a bunch of awesome friends who are willing to come up with an evil mastermind persona. Or at least a name. There really is no set rule on how “in character” you have to be, but you can be based on another evil villain. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with my super villain. On the top of my list is the name Princess Doom, since it is after all my birthday and I have a tiara! But I feel like I should be even more created. I just definitely want to use my tiara somehow in my costume.  I know you guys are all really creative and awesome, so I am wondering what kind of suggestions you guys would have? Right now I have… Princess Doom, The Skinny Bitch (haha), Mega Horrible PhD, Royal Pain, Mistress Disaster. But I am open to other suggestions too! All I know is that Penny (my kitty) is going to be my sort of GIR sidekick.
I am also going to create an evil mastermind soundtrack! Music from Dr. Horrible instantly comes to mind! I also need to find eerie sounds to make the apartment sound like a creepy secret lair!

On the other hand, we are still thinking about what to do for food. What would evil horrible people eat? This is something I have been thinking about for days!

We have been coming up some great game ideas which makes me super excited! We are going to do an observation game since Masterminds have to be quick on their feet on noticing things, and we are going to make up names for their super hero nemesis that people can complain about in any conversation (if you want to contribute names for this as well, feel free!).

So I definitely feel like the party is going to be a blast with a lot of laughs, and I am super excited!

Yesterday, I broke the salad a day challenge (GASP! Cue dramatic surround sound music). Yesterday, I met a lot of Kevin’s relatives for a wonderful woman’s 75th birthday! The party was huge and there was so much amazing yummy food! Nom, nom, nom. But I was actually very well behaved on that front. I definitely had little bites of cake and sugary sweets, but nothing too detrimental. I also avoided soda and making big sandwiches, and just had one piece of ham and the pepperoni that was in the pasta salad. So good! It was definitely very interesting to be surrounded by so much family. I am not used to such big family gatherings since my family is not particularly super close and a lot of people live very far away… so it is definitely a whole new feeling to be surrounded by so many relatives!

Today I plan on doing extremely well with my food and will be having a salad for lunch. I know I am going to be making it to a 70 pound loss before my birthday!

How is everyone else doing? I hope Labor Day Weekend is treating people well!


17 thoughts on “Evil Mastermind Party Planning!

  1. You did way better than I did on food. I ate two of everything, took home leftovers, and ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food yesterday. Now I feel gross.

    Not sure what your evil persona should be, but she should have a cape. Evil people might eat something made with devil’s food cake.

    • Haha. Omg, I love Phish Food. I have definitely missed it but I know if I had just a bite of it… I would eat the whole thing. and then start craving it ALL the time. lol

      And I think a cape is definitely in order!

  2. Have you ever seen Sky High? There is a female villain in it named Royal Pain 🙂

    Martha Stewart has some pretty evil drinks here… http://www.marthastewart.com/267780/spooky-halloween-spirits?czone

    Check online for Halloween foods and drinks for inspiration! That’s where you will probably get the best idea for “evil” foods.

    If the Salad Challenge was a competition between you and I, you definitely win if that makes you feel better. LOL!

    It is weird to be at those big gatherings when you are not used to it. I have no family and Pat has a very close and large family. Their closeness and gatherings can creep me out sometimes. It is so weird, I’m used to it being just me and my one former step-brother (he may as well be blood)

    • LOL I totally forgot about that villain. It’s been a few years since I have seen it. lol

      Omg, those are awesome looking drinks! Thanks for the suggestions!

      And thanks, I dunno if that quite makes you feel better since you have a pretty good excuse. Yunno morning sickness and all. lol I was just lazy and didn’t want to order a drink. haha

      My family is totally the same exact way so it was SOOO weird to see such a huge family that all knew each other and were so close like that. It was kinda nice too. Lots of support in that family!

  3. Pinterest, my dear! It has the best ideas for any kind of snacks. I’m sure you’ll find some ugly looking, delicious tasting ones. I love the idea of being Princess Doom becauseyou’ll be the princess that night! Which girl doesn’t want that?!
    I loove family gatherings, but sometimes find them extremely stressful because there’s food everywhere. You keep being an example to follow, an inspiration. So, keep going! 70 pounds, whoaaa!!!

    • I know. I keep meaning to look up stuff on Pinterest, and then get distracted by cute animals. haha I rock. And exactly! It is my birthday so I should be able to be whoever I want to be. haha

      And yeah, there was SOOO much food, but I was so nervous around all the people that I actually didn’t eat very much. So that worked out in my favor. lol

  4. That sounds like fun. I was thinking you might want to look at Halloween foods/recipes because they always have an evil twist to them! Martha Stewart’s site always has fun stuff that looks cool! 🙂

  5. I have an idea you should dress up as the witch from snow white, she has a tiara (queen grimhilde) that’s all I could think of which wears a tiara and is horrible, if i think of someone else will tell you. :)x

  6. Wow! Lots of creative ideas for your party, I’m sure it will be a blast. I like the Princess Doom name best – it’s awesome especialy with your Tiara of Terror you will wear! 😉

    I’d say go with normal food you’d serve at parties but give them all names related to different characters. “Pinky and the Brain Cupcakes” “Dr. Evil’s Salsa” or something. So that way you don’t have to work so hard 🙂

  7. What an awesome idea for a party! I wish I could be there LOL Assuming I’m invited, of course.. hell, I’m evil, I’ll just show up anyway…

    And congrats on hitting the 70 pounds lost mark! 😀 That’s brilliant!

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