A Re-Introduction at 70 Pounds Lighter


I did it! When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was at 197. I can hardly believe it. I am 70 pounds lighter than I was last year! I only have 30 more pounds I want to lose by the end of the year. This has been an absolutely wonderful journey so far, and it is amazing how far you can go when you just set your mind to it and set some small goals.

So for new followers and for people over on my Facebook page, I have decided to do a quick re-introduction on how I am losing weight. I didn’t go on any strict diet plan and still enjoy a lot of things that I did before, but I just don’t enjoy them every single day. It took a lot of time to realize that I don’t need dessert every single night, and that I don’t deserve to eat like every day is the last day on Earth. Because the only reason why it would be my last day on Earth was because I was eating myself into an early grave. The only thing I have cut out of my diet completely is fast food. I have not been to McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc for over 9 months. I do plan out a lot of my weeknight meals, but during the summer, got a little more relax on the weekend. I have definitely still eaten out, had some cake here and there, been to parties and drank alcohol. I firmly believe you should still enjoy life and not be afraid of food. Eating is the way a lot of societies bond, and you shouldn’t feel restricted because you are on a “diet” or “lifestyle change.” If I have one night where I am a little bad, I just watch what I eat for the next few days.

When it comes to exercise and motivation, I just start slow. Last year, I could barely walk or be on my feet for longer than 15 – 20 minutes. Then I just worked my way up from there. Once walking became easier and I gained more energy, I added some jogging in there as well. I have worked my way up to run up to 4 miles. Normally, I run 2 – 3 miles but it is nice to know that I can run 4 miles (except right now since I have an injured foot).

Every day is just another brick to the walk way. And even if I do make a little bit of a slip up, I know that the pathway has already been started so I can always start walking back to it.

In a few weeks, I will be getting jaw surgery and will be on a total liquid diet. This is not for weight loss whatsoever. I will probably lose weight since I won’t be really eating, but I am going to do my best not to lose weight too quickly. But this is a required surgery for my jaw, so I really don’t want people getting the wrong idea when that happens. I will probably be gaining weight once my jaw is unwired and I am perfectly okay with knowing that.
Other random facts…

I love The Big Bang Theory. It is definitely one of my favorite shows, closely followed by Friends, then White Collar. Matt Bomer is so sexy.

I love video games that aren’t too super realistic. If I wanted realistic, I would just do it in real life. haha Kingdom Hearts is currently my favorite. Disney characters and beating things up? Awesome.

I am starting school again in January and working on becoming a registered dietician. I am super excited!

I am a total little kid at heart (if you haven’t noticed already!). I am not ashamed to say I like watching My Little Pony and having Disney marathons.

I will have some comparison pictures some time this week! And I will also post the curry recipe (I know that has been coming for a long time! Sorry).

So that’s pretty much me in a nutshell I guess! I am feeling a little rushed because we have to head into town to pick up a friend and have a BBQ. Yee haw!



21 thoughts on “A Re-Introduction at 70 Pounds Lighter

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you’re doing all this the healthy way. I’ll be having oral surgery in a week and I’m nervous about weight changes. I think I’ll probably gain weight because I will be on a steady diet of milkshakes, personally. But we’ll see.

    • Are you also getting your mouth wired shut?! Or something else? Good luck! I am totally scared. I can’t do a steady milkshake diet. lol I get to be on Ensure and drinks pumped full of vitamins/proteins/etc. I will probably be drinking a lot of ice coffee… lol I can’t do anything too thick since I have to suck it all down with a little straw. :/ I guess people burn a lot of calories that way, though. Also it is getting into soup season so perfect for some brothy meals!

  2. Well done and you know I love the Big Bang Theory… my nephew is just like Sheldon!… but don’t tell anyone I might get into trouble! Shhh… soft kitty… little ball of fur! lol 😉

    • Ahahaha. that’s awesome. Our cat named after Sheldon Cooper is just like Sheldon, which is pretty entertaining. lol We sing him the kitty song all the time!

  3. Congrats Nemesis!!! 😀 I’m very proud of you!! You truly are an inspiration… and now I feel like singing that song from the Jungle Book…

    oooh oooh oooh I wanna be like you ooh ooh ooh

    LOL 😛

    • Thank you!! =D I am feeling pretty awesome! This blog has been such a huge inspiration to me!

      And it has been soooo long since I have seen the Jungle Book! lol

  4. Dearest Cassy, you are definitely an inspiration!!! I’ve been trying to shed 20 pounds since 7 years ago and haven’t been able to keep the weight loss going. I wanted to ask you for some advice. You must have (or have had) those friends you indulge a lot with; I happen to be surrounded by friends I overeat with. My main problem are my binges (when alone, happy, angry or sad) but another big problem is saying “no” to desserts or to stand my ground when it comes to eating healthily. My close friends know how much I love to eat, especially desserts, so when I say I’m going to eat a salad or when I intend to skip dessert, they immediately criticise me or try to convince me otherwise. I hate saying I’m on a diet, but sometimes it has worked, even though I only last 2 weeks been “strict”, ya know? What I’m asking here is how did you change those habits with friends who don’t care about how much they eat, or who overeat and are skinny as hell? Did you get new friends? How do you stay strong even when there’s a piece of cake in front of you with all of your friends knowing how much you crave it but are trying to pretend not to?

    • Hugs. =D Getting pressure all around you is really hard when you are losing weight, I have definitely given in a few times and had dessert (aka two weekends ago). With getting healthy, I have made some sacrifices and don’t eat out with my friends as often. Normally we would get together almost every single night, eat a bunch of junk food and drink until 2 in the morning, but as I got healthier, my priorities changed. When they invited me out, I told them I wasn’t feeling up to it and would stay home when the real reason was I had met my calorie limit for the day and didn’t want to be tempted. It really hurts at first when you see your friends go out without you (and sometimes I still feel that pang), but I know I am not strong enough to go out a lot and hold my ground around food and drinks. I have even left birthday parties early before they break out the cake and claim I have an appointment so I didn’t eat any dessert. It really all depends on how I am feeling. The thing you have to remember is you are doing this for yourself and you don’t need the approval of others. Once you start making progress, your friends will back down. One thing is your friends don’t want you to change because you are changing how they know how to connect with you. They like the memories of eating out with you, but you have to present them with new ways.

      For the first few months of my weight loss, I invited people over to my place and prepared healthy meals for them. The whole sha-bang. Snacks, a main meal, and even a low calorie dessert. And once everyone was done, I told people it was all healthy… and they actually pretty enjoyed the food because deep down, everyone’s bodies want to be healthy too. And now people just have to come expect that when they are over at our place, we are going to have healthy tasty food… such as tonight we are making a turkey chili for everyone. =D

      And if they still don’t get it and they are really putting the pressure on to eat lots of desserts and binge, you will have to restrict the time you spend with them until you feel strong enough to turn down food. But you aren’t going to get strong until you build up a resistance and really teach your body to like low sugar healthy stuff… after a few months, you won’t crave sugary stuff as much and it won’t be so tempting, because it will physically make you sick right away.

      Do you mind if I write a post about this? Maybe my thoughts will be a little bit more focused then. haha This response seemed all over the place. Sorry!

      • Wow Cassy! This response was so useful. Don’t apologize, it was perfect!!!! If you write a post about it, I will be forever thankful but these tips you included in your response are INCREDIBLY useful :D. Thanks a million, you rock!

      • Yay! I am glad you did find it useful! =D But I definitely think I am going to write a post about it today! Thanks for the inspiration!

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