Weekend Re-Cap and Comparison Photos


This weekend was CRA~ZAY. Meaning I socialized and talked to people, which is a really big task for me. Especially the whole people part. Even people I don’t even KNOW. Messing with my taking over the world plans which means I have to spend all week trying to catch up on what I missed over the weekend. Since my kitties are no help whatsoever in making sure my world domination plans go smoothly. Yeah. Way to go kitties.

Can’t you tell they care SO MUCH about my evil schemes?

On Saturday, I got to meet some of my husband’s extended family that lives in Maine. Now my family is not very large, and we have never had a big family reunion. But with this family, it seems almost like a yearly thing? It’s pretty amazing! And Kevin had only met one of the relatives that had been there (or at least that he remembered) and the last time he saw her was when he was 8 years old. He is 33 now. So it’s been awhile. So we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into… which was total and utter chaos with a large topping of awesomesauce and love. His family was absolutely incredible, very friendly and super helpful as we asked hundreds of times how people were related and what not. Basically these were a lot of his second cousins? Kind of sorta. They were all gathered to celebrate the woman who married my husband’s grandfather’s brother’s birthday.  Does that make sense to any of you? Oh well close enough.  There was a lot of yummy food but I was actually pretty well behaved, surprisingly! And just munched on things here and there and had a few bites of some sweet treats. I was actually super proud of myself. YAY!

Sunday…was a lazy day. So that wasn’t so crazy. I mean mostly the crazy part was dealing with my mom, but when is that not crazy? We had a Big Bang Theory marathon and went to a discount used movie/music/book/fun store and loaded up on some kiddie movies! Came home and watched Despicable Me. Love it. Seriously. I want to be an evil villain and then have my heart changed by 3 awesome kids. Please and thank you.

Monday was labor day and full of awesomeness. Took my mom and sister out for breakfast because I wanted to hang out with my sister and my mom was upset that we couldn’t play games like we originally intended because the BBQ we were going to on Sunday got rained out and moved to Monday. Sorry, Mom! Life happens. So for the BBQ, I made skinny red potato salad which is always a hit and the husband made up the burgers.

Yup. That’s me making my bbq face while everyone else seems to be in conversation!

So I didn’t eat very healthy yesterday, but still… I wasn’t too bad! So ha.

Today I just had a smoothie and am about to have a nummy veggie burger. Also, I did the Salad Challenge 6 out of 7 days! I missed Saturday and should have made up for it yesterday… but I don’t think potato salad and pasta salad count. Ooops.

Lets see here…


I got really artistic with Peg’s camera. I’m awesome. I also made a comparison photo which may or may not really suck. But I tried my best!

Picture on the left was taken around Easter 2011, picture on the right was taken this morning! =D Same shirt, it just fits a lot better!


So that’s my weekend in a nutshell! Squirrel included and everything.





17 thoughts on “Weekend Re-Cap and Comparison Photos

  1. Love the before and after picture! You’re doing great! And that’s awesome you managed to do the salad challenge 6/7 days. I think I would fail after like 2…salads start to feel reeeeeally boring to me. Unless they’re quinoa salads…I could eat those forever.

    • Thank you so much! And I actually made a bunch of different salads and dressings so it never really got that boring! I made chicken, boiled eggs, and even put avocado on my salads. All very tasty and filling!

    • Thanks so much! You really don’t realize how much you have changed when you have side by side views like that… my eyes actually seem big again! and I have a chin!

  2. Wow! Yes, definitely, what a difference! Congrats!

    It sounds like you had a great time this weekend. I haven’t had a family reunion in forever. My cousin lives out in New Mexico but do you know when I saw her last? Have a guess.

    Twenty years ago LOL But you know, life happens…

    …and yes… I love the Half Price Book Store too 🙂

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