Super Villain Partay and Other Stuff


So my brain is still a little mush from the weekend overdosage of the dreaded SUGAR! I know. I ate and drank a lot of it.

And it was delicious.

And it made me cranky… moral of the story… I just don’t need that much sugar anymore. A little here and there is fine but having a whoopie pie and an ice cream cone for lunch? And then eating cupcakes and drinking  vampire blood strawberry daiquiris? Not the best idea I ever had.

Anyway the party was pretty freaking awesome. I am glad I have friends who humor me and go along with my crazy ideas. So here are some pictures from the weekend.

Me as Princess Doom!

Princess Doom and her Prince Sarcasmo — who is trying to shoot me with a mini Death Ray

These cupcakes were Explosive! Not to mention delicious.

Penny the Minion trying to fit into the party scene. Bad Minion!

Then we also played the game where you have to guess what is written on your forehead! Muahahahahahaha! Also, if you get Prince Sarcasmo enough alcohol, he will just give you enough hints to tell you who you are. haha Thanks Prince!

Just because I am on a big super villain kick and Big Bang Theory kick! =D Love Sheldon. And it is true… There were quite a few Doctors and Masters at my party!


I also went to the apple orchard near by on Saturday to kick off the evil deeds (yes, so evil…taking those apples away from their home! muahahaha). And I decided to do yet another comparison photo! Because I am crazy. This one also involves the husband so you can see his transformation too!

The sunflowers were no longer there so we had to pose in front of rusty farm equipment instead. Whoo!

In other news, check out what L @ Trying Not To Be Fat made me us salad-eaters!

Whoooooo! Looks just like me!

Anyway, I am a little brain dead so I will write more of a post… tomorrow! For now, enjoy the photos!









14 thoughts on “Super Villain Partay and Other Stuff

  1. You two look great! Such a huge difference. Looks like the supervillain party was was a lot of fun. I also experience sugar crashes though. They’re rough. Enjoy the detoxing and accompanying feeling of “UGH I will never eat that crap again!” I always feel motivated by that.

  2. I love the party pictures!!! Your husband’s title was pretty awesome. Love your princess of doom persona!

    Great before and after photos, what a difference in both of you!

    • Haha thank you so much! The party was pretty entertaining! Not enough evil laughter, though. lol

      And It feels awesome to have these comparison photos! I hardly recognize myself!

  3. First of all Happy belated bday 🙂 you looked awesome xx and good job on shedding all that weight and good job also to your husband I can see from the photos that he was very supportive and he lost a lot of weight too.

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