Where’s My Insulation? Oh wait…


So here in the wonderful state of Maine, Autumn is already starting. The temperature drops down into the 40’s at night and their is a crispness to the air that I am feeling a lot more than I was feeling last year. I remember being able to wear short sleeve shirts well into October and feeling fairly warm with only a sweatshirt on even though it was 20 degrees outside. I used to think I was pretty bad ass for being able to handle the cold as such, but now I realized I was just extremely overweight. This autumn has a completely different feel. I am absolutely freezing! Where did all my insulation go? Why am I no longer a cold-fighting bad ass? I am definitely going to have to to some fall clothing shopping and try to figure out this whole layers thing because that is definitely what I am needing right about now.

Also, does anyone else get extremely hungry when the weather gets colder? Because I just feel like eating EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what it is. I just chowed down on an apple and some peanut butter. I just want to eat constantly. So I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Or maybe I am just crazy.

Luckily I will be getting one last taste of summer because the husband and I are going on an epic road trip starting Thursday! My brother and his wife are having a baby shower on Saturday at theirΒ  home in Virginia Beach, and we have decided to go down and celebrate! Yee haw! I am so excited to get to hang out with my brother! But it is going to be a very long trip… 14+ hours hanging out with my love! Hopefully it won’t be too traumatic. I don’t have a lot of city driving experience. There is going to be a lot of coffee and 80’s rock. Be excited!

So here are some pictures of what I have been eating and seeing lately!

Look at the leaves!

350 Calories of vegetarian nacho goodness!

I tried this new fruit bar! It was actually really tasty!

Now can people give me some suggestions for some yummy but healthy road trip food?




21 thoughts on “Where’s My Insulation? Oh wait…

  1. Ya, no insulation is a problem. I’ve had bad circulation for years and lived in Alaska 9 years. People always ask me how I did it…I said I moved to Oregon. πŸ˜› ha! Shadeclothing.com or Themodbod.com has good solutions for layers. I wear them everyday depending on how cold/warm it is.
    One of my last road trips I packed pre-made tuna salad (mayo, relish, seasonings) and ate it with crunchmaster rice crackers. (you can get them at Costco. Yummy!) I just stuck it in a cooler. And I also got some Trio bars from Costco too. It’s 3 seeds, 3 nuts, 3 fruits. It’s pretty good. Lots of water…I found out the hard way that diet coke makes you have to go potty A LOT! :-/
    Also maybe popcorn premade (homemade) in a gallon bag. Some Dark chocolate bars…a little goes a long way! Cut up apples, banana’s (bring extra baggie for peel).
    Coffee, coffee, coffee….
    That my suggestions! πŸ˜€

    • After being in Virginia Beach for the weekend, I think I am going to have to move to warmer climates! Oh My God. It was amazing. lol

      And chocolate is seriously a super hero after 15 hours of driving!

      And if you wait 5 hours into the trip before coffee, you don’t have to pee as often. Or maybe it just feels that way. lol But Coffee was also a life saver!

  2. I’m hungry all the time, so it’s hard for me to say if it’s seasonally related! I would say good road trip food would include berries (pre-washed in tupperwares), sandwiches with the tomatoes kept on the side until you’re ready to eat (so the bread doesn’t get soggy), and air-popped popcorn. Hope the drive is fun!

  3. Road trips are great! But that drive down 95 will be something…good luck! I think popcorn is a great idea and I also really like rice and beans because it’s healthy, gluten-free, and it doesn’t need to be kept super cold. And quinoa salads–with veggies and fruit–are really great too.

    • My honey got his popcorn. Unfortunately because of braces, I can’t have any. BOO. The journey actually wasn’t that bad. We were only on 95 in Maine and in New Jersey, but for the most part, we were on other roads because we like short cuts and avoiding traffic. lol Somehow we always ended up in rush hour in Mass… Ooops. haha But better that than New York!

  4. LOL I am equal oppurtunity eater ;> It’s fall..YAY! Food It’s summer! YAY! Food! It’s Monday through Sunday! YAY! Food ;>
    I miss autumn in Boston..the seasons just aren’t as pretty down here! 😦

  5. Hey girl, congrats about soon being an auntie πŸ™‚ and your not crazy it happens to everyone. In winter I’m always craving food and the problem is

  6. Well, you have never had a better reason for feeling cold, right? And it gives you an excuse to shop for new clothes – double win! Enjoy your road trip! It’s hard to eat healthy on a road trip – while i’m not a big fruit eater, i know bringing grapes can be a good idea as they are easy to eat! I also like my Lara Bars or the Kind Bars as a snack! have a safe trip and don’t drink TOO much coffee! πŸ™‚

    • It is soo true! I am so excited to actually be able to do like layers and stuff this Winter! When you are extremely overweight, layers are like the enemy because you feel even bigger than you already are. BOOO. But now, I am so excited! =D We definitely had Larabars on our journey! Perfect for those little pick me ups!

  7. You should try Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. They are an awesome portable Healthy snack. They make a great trail food we are told.

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  9. Road trip foods I like are beef jerky – high in sodium but the protein content is solid. Also, I am a big fan of fig newtons on the road – I’ve heard they have as much potassium as bananas so if you aren’t close to the fruit go for a newton I guess.

    • We had Larabars, Veggie Chips, Tiramisu Waffer Cookies that were life savers after 15 hours of driving and you just needed that sweet orgasm in your mouth. haha We also made turkey wraps! So no fast food for us!

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