The Thoughts In My Mind…


Since my mind has been all over the place lately, I don’t have the focus to write a well thought out of post right now. So on to randomness!

1. I absolutely love road trips! I did not know I would love driving so much but I really did not mind. It was fun insulting really bad drivers (there are just some people that should not be on the road), but it was even more fun helping out nice drivers. Or paying the tolls of people behind us (I always wanted to do that! and it was a rainy night so it seemed like a way to brighten up a person’s day).

2. Virginia Beach = Paradise. It was so much fun!

3. I am stressing out a little bit about my jaw surgery. Less than a week away! I will be on a completely liquid diet for 6 weeks. I am going to miss food…

4. I did not lose much in terms of weight this month but I am really not that upset about it.

5. I need new pants that actually fit. All my pants are too big.

6. Love the Fall weather, but I really want to learn how to use scarves.

7. In fact, I really want to have a whole new wardrobe!

8. I was under anesthesia yesterday and I am still feeling the affects of it today. I really want to organize and be active, but my legs feel like jello.

9. My head feels cloudy too, but I am going to attempt to make an apple crisp for Game Night!

10. My healthy journey is kind of just going straight right now… I know I will be losing weight on the liquid diet, but it is not how I want to lose weight. Mostly I will be trying to figure out how to eat after my wires are cut in a way that I don’t eat absolutely everything in sight! So meanwhile, I am going to have to figure out new things to write about… like how I want to re-organize the living room and get rid of my “overweight” clothes.

I am starting to get a little sleepy again. Darn medical stuff.

Off to watch some Big Bang Theory and re-think my blogging topics!


7 thoughts on “The Thoughts In My Mind…

  1. Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re still not feeling well from the anesthesia! I’m glad you had such an unexpectedly good time on the road trip, and it’s nice you got to go do that visit before the jaw surgery. I think if you haven’t invested in a Vitamix yet, the jaw surgery might be the time to do it.

  2. Hi there! I found your blog by searching “jaw surgery” in WordPress…what kind of surgery are you having?
    I am also preparing for jaw surgery (double jaw surgery to correct an underbite) in a few months, and I’ve been blogging about the process, along with health, fitness, and self-esteem. Check it out!
    You seem so motivated! So inspiring – keep it up!
    Best of luck to you!

    • I just got lower jaw surgery. I was supposed to have double jaw surgery but turns out I have an absolutely terrible gag reflex (to the point I still gag even when I am heavily sedated) and it was just to correct a millimeter on top so they just scratched that altogether. They did a lot of moving of my lower jaw. My right side needed to move 11 millimeters forward and my left side moved 6. Nothing can really prepare you for the surgery because everybody is different…I think the worse for me is not being able to sleep on my side yet. I haven’t had a good night’s rest in a week. And the numbing feels so weird!

  3. How funny is Big Bang Theory?! Just recently started watching it – cracks me up. Maybe the liquid diet will help with breaking the attachment to bad food choices! Good luck with it though – my brother went through it and I was supposed to but didn’t end up doing it. Shopping for a new wardrobe will be fun 🙂

    • I absolutely love the big bang theory! =D And the liquid diet definitely did not break the attachment with bad food choices. In fact, it has made it so much worse because that is ALL I am craving. =( I am afraid I am going to be a monster as soon as my mouth is unwired.

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