One Week Since Surgery…


So last Wednesday, I underwent lower jaw surgery. We have been planning for this day for awhile, but I never really pictured it arriving. I have been wearing braces for a year and a half, which I definitely needed because my front teeth were arched forward like a horse. This is because I had a very extreme overbite so when I bite down on things, my top teeth kind of pulled food into the back and I only chewed on my molars to the point that my molars are pretty freaking flat. So the surgery was definitely needed. To get an idea on how bad it is, the gap between my front bottom teeth and the front top teeth totals 11 millimeters. Whoo!

This whole week has totally been not what I expected. The first few days were absolutely miserable. The swelling seemed like it would never stop and my face was going to explode! Luckily that did not happen and the swelling has gone down a little bit. I still feel like just my face is in a huge fact suit though. I have the worse double chin which means I cannot see what the surgery did whatsoever and I probably won’t be able to see what the surgery looks like for another few weeks. The thing I miss the most right now is… food. It’s weird but losing weight and living a healthy life style was so much easier. I did not really have cravings because I was doing things on my own terms. Now that I can’t eat anything, I want EVERYTHING. I am craving so many things I have not been craving for over a year. It’s absolutely crazy. I want chili dogs. Sesame chicken. Tacos. I am day dreaming about the day I get my wires off and can finally move my mouth.

It’s difficult. I have never thought about my mouth as often as I do now so then I wonder what the heck to do with my tongue. And then I spend like an hour moving my tongue around because it feels weird in my mouth. I know this all sounds really weird and gross… but you just don’t think of these things when your face is in tip top shape. It’s like when you bite your cheek and you can’t stop running your tongue over it and you keep biting the same spot. As soon as you are made aware of something, it is really hard not to think about it. Also, you can’t sneeze. Sneezing is like the scariest thing in the world now. I have somehow accomplished what I like to call “the reverse sneeze.” You go through the motions with your nose and really concentrate on your breathing and do a few quick sharp inhales and the feeling goes away. It’s really hard to explain but it is a lot less painful than the alternative. Laughing really hard also really sucks… even though laughing is awesome medicine and keeps you in good spirits… it just makes your jaw feel weird and hurt a bit.

The one thing I am extremely thankful for? My husband. I seriously would be in deep depression if it was not for that wonderful man. He has been making runs to the grocery store, trying to blend things for me to eat, squirting medicine on the ceiling which makes me feel better after squirting stuff everywhere all the time (and feelingย  like the biggest slob in the world), and just being a total comfort to me. I am totally planning on spoiling him to absolute pieces as soon as I am well enough to do so! It almost brings me to tears just how awesome he has been.

I am definitely trying to keep my spirits up and plan on getting back into blogging! I missed you guys and plan to get caught up! I currently have a lot of free time on my hands.

Also, if you are about to embark on this surgery, eat. Eat whatever you want the whole week before. Seriously. I wish I had gone all out every single day and hadn’t worried about my weight as much as I did. Because as soon as you are on complete liquids, weight comes off in a snap. Seriously. I am trying really hard not to lose weight but it just happens. I gained around 10 pounds before the surgery, and I have lost 16 pounds already. And it’s been one week. One week. I know this is temporary weight loss because as soon as I introduce solids back into my diet, my weight will spike back up… which is really why I didn’t want dramatic weight changes because I know it is going to be hard to lose this weight again. I really don’t want people reading this and going “yay liquid diet for the win!” because it is not very healthy for you! Also, healing and building bones burns a lot of freaking calories. I am still drinking close to 2000 calories a day and I am still feeling pretty wiped out. One thing I do recommend getting… a high fiber protein powder. It’s really hard to get the fiber you need on this type of diet and the high fiber protein powder helps in making me feel full and also helps to keep the system going. Constipation runs high in this sort of scenario because of all the medicines and what not and dramatic diet change. Just saying! I bought a powder on Amazon which has been a life saver!

If anyone else has any stories they want to share about their jaw surgery/weight loss/random story to make me smile, please do! I would love to hear it!



13 thoughts on “One Week Since Surgery…

  1. Wow, it sounds like you’ve been doing a really admirable job keeping your spirits up! I’m so impressed! If you don’t have a vitamix, I’d highly recommend it as an investment for now and post-surgery. It really easily “juices” whole fruits and vegetables so you’ll still get in a lot of the fiber you need. I’m sending so many positive, healing thoughts your way.

    • I do admit there was one day I came close to having a break down and I am sure there will be another one down the road. haha But right now, I am feeling pretty optimistic! And unfortunately a vitamix is just not in the budget but my blender has been pretty fantastic. =D

  2. Cassy, we miss you! I’m glad the surgery went out ok. About everything else after it, it shall pass. I got a nose job a while back ago and the recovery is the most annoying part but it’ll all be worth it. Aww your husband sounds like a sweetheart, you are both lucky to have found each other ;). Hope you feel better each passing week! Lots of love and liquids your way!

    • I missed you too! And yeah the surgery was definitely scary but I am glad that it can only get better from here. How long did it take you to recover?

      And yeah! My husband has been the best! I seriously don’t know what I would do without him right now!

      And thanks! =D

  3. Welcome back, Cassy! I’m sure that, in time, you’ll be thankful that this surgery happened… it sounds like the surgery has been a success and although things have been rough, it also sounds like things are getting better. And your spirit and optimism is truly an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish you nothing but good health, happiness and a speedy recovery ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep us posted when you can – I miss my Fitness Nemesis! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yeah, I am sure once I can actually use my jaw for chewing and what not and can really notice the difference, I will be super grateful for it!

      and I am definitely going to get better at posting more frequently!

  4. Hi there I am due to have surgery next year but by that time will have a 4 month old baby and really don’t know how bad the recovery is? Do u think its doable with a baby as well?

    • It really depends. What kind of jaw surgery are you having? Just the bottom or is it going to be a double? The first week you will definitely want people around to help because you will be super out of it. The pain meds will have you wiped out and you will be adjusting to a completely new diet. But after the first week, I was off the pain medication and have been taking care of myself. =D

      If you are having a double, I have read it has taken people a few weeks before they finally had energy.

  5. Wow I miss a week of blogging and a lot of things happen, well that must be hard having gone trough surgery but keep your hopes up and remember they you will be better and look better, My prayers are with you girl xx

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