So It Just Occurred to Me…


I am only 23 pounds away from losing 100 pounds!


100 pounds people.


I can’t believe that I was 267 pounds this time last year. My world had just crumbled beneath me and felt like I was out of control. I had been wanting to lose weight for as long as I can remember, but my diets always failed.  I would lose 5 and then gain 10. Mostly because I wanted results right away and would starve myself for a week.

Then it dawned on me. If I just focused a little bit at a time, it would add up eventually.

And here I am. So close to 100 pounds lost.

How amazing is that?

Remember nothing is impossible! Tasks can seem daunting if you only concentrate on the big picture ALL the time, but if you take it apart and turn it into a puzzle, you realize that it takes one piece at a time to re-create that big picture.

And I really suck at puzzles so I knew it was going to take awhile. But I knew it could be done!

Now I am so close. It just makes me absolutely giddy!

What goals do you guys have? Anything that has made you feel intimidated?

Because guess what, I know you can do it!


7 thoughts on “So It Just Occurred to Me…

    • Thanks! It is just so true. Once you break it down into little pieces and start piecing things together step by step, it really works. Sometimes things will be pieced together and go fairly quickly, and sometimes it will take a little longer to make the pieces fit. But it will happen if you are persistent. =D

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