Feeling Human…


After almost a week of having my wires out, I am starting to feel a little more human. Chewing has become a little bit easier, especially on my left side. My right side is still really weak but that is where most of the work was done, and also my left side normally heals faster for whatever reason. I am starting to be a little bit more conscious of what I am eating, and the husband and I are now planning out meals together that we can both enjoy. Tonight we are trying Chicken and Dumplings in the Crock pot and if it comes out as delicious as it currently smells, I will be posting the recipe tomorrow! I have been spending more time with my pony which always makes me feel more grounded and happy. She never ceases to amaze me. Spending time with her also gets me out of the apartment which is good! I have been spending far too much time on the couch the past 6 weeks, and although it was expected… it didn’t make me feel all that great. I no longer want to be a couch potato! A year ago, I basically spent that much time on my butt regardless how I was feeling. Now if I am feeling healthy, I want to be doing something!

The weather is currently gorgeous here in Maine after a few days where it was pretty cold (and it feels a lot colder now that I don’t have 80 pounds of insulation). So today, the husband and I went on a mile and a half walk (which included one fairly large hill). It felt awesome, though I am definitely out of shape! Every day I can make progress, though. Just like with my teeth! I know I am going to be kicking butt again in no time.

Regardless of being out of shape, my weight has been fairly good. With the surgery and being wired shut, I got down to 187. Even with a week of pretty crazy eating, I have managed to stay around that weight… fluctuating between 186 – 188. Not bad! If I can keep that up until I get back into routine, I should be in good shape. I am terrified of gaining 10+ pounds this month but I don’t think I can allow myself to cut that lose.

Now that I am getting my energy back, I have been wanting to rearrange the whole entire apartment. Especially since now we are probably going to be here for another 3 years since I will be going back to school this coming Spring to become a dietitian (can I get a yee-haw?!). On Sunday, we started with the living room.

Living Room Before… How it has been for over a year.


It was a bummer that we had the couch in front of the fireplace, even though the fireplace doesn’t work… we were still unable to put things on the mantle because the cats could easily jump up on it. Also, I saw on pinterest that people would put candles in the fireplace to make for a little romantic scene! The living room always felt cozy, but definitely felt cramped. There was some space that was never used behind the love seat where junk usually got accumulated. The corner entertainment kept us limited to how we could rearrange the living room, so we decided to just get rid of it. It is the only piece of furniture we got rid of and a new entertainment center and a fireplace grate is the only thing we bought for a total of $190.

Living Room from the same angle After! =D Excuse the vacuum cleaner. haha

We will be putting a lamp in that corner to make the lighting in there a bit nicer, and also we will be getting one of my mother-in-law’s paintings to hang above the couch instead of having that horsey blanket. I know the blankets aren’t the best looking things ever, but they are easy to throw in the wash and clean… especially when you have 3 kitty cats!

Entertainment Center… My husband took these pictures with his phone, and for some reason, his phone wanted to make the pictures look vintage. haha

The fireplace! =D


The new arrangement makes the room seem so much bigger which is awesome! We now face the doors which is good for the feng shui room because you don’t have your back to anything, so you never feel like people can sneak up on you. I will be hanging up more pictures of family/friends now that I am taking a lot more pride in my home and myself!

My project for this week is the bathroom/kitchen pantry. I may also work on the laundry room but we shall see how plans progress!




11 thoughts on “Feeling Human…

    • I cheated with the dumplings. I got pre-made biscuit dough and just broke up into smaller pieces and dumped it into the crock pot a half hour before serving. It came out really tasty! haha

  1. That chicken sounds good… and I’m looking forward to seeing you back on mfp being all nemesisy… 😀

    I like your living room… it looks cozy… I don’t mean to sound snotty or anything saying that, I really do like it. I don’t like rooms that don’t look alive (ie, rooms that look like show homes) – I like rooms that have character, that reflect the lives and the personalities of the people that inhabit them. I noticed the tapestry of the horses on the wall, for example 🙂

    Anyway… just my two cents worth… oh, one more thing… yee-haw! 😛

    • It was a delicious meal! and I could eat all of it which is such a great feeling! And the living room is very cozy! It is just a lot more open now. I want to hang up more pictures… unfortunately the pony tapestry is coming down… but it is going to be replaced by an original painting done by my mother-in-law so I am super psyched. She is amazingly talented. =D

      And thank you! Someone finally gave me a yee haw. lol

  2. YAY! I love when I’m feeling creative and can put that energy toward house projects. It’s nice to start feeling in control again, right? Love the fireplace! We have a working on in our downstairs area (we have a split level house) and i’m hoping we can use it this winter. It never was cold enough last winter to get it going!

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