Coming Back Full Force


I have been a little all over the place for the past 2 months. The jaw surgery was rough, and then after I got unwired, I seriously just wanted to eat everything in sight. I still was not quite happy yet, still feeling extremely insecure, and overall… just not good on the whole awesome front. Drastic changes can really warp the mind, and I was feeling a little worthless after a month of hardly doing anything. After a few weeks, I am now doing a lot better. I am getting a little bit more control of my life and starting to live it again. My energy is improving a lot and I am feeling more optimistic and a little less clingy. I definitely think I was driving the husband a little batty! Sorry, Husband!


Despite this emotional roller coaster and seriously wanting to eat everything in sight, I have been doing pretty good on the weight. I gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks, which really isn’t that bad considering what I have been eating! (Pizza, big turkey dinner, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, candy….). I have never had such strong cravings. Even when I first started losing weight last year, I was pretty strong about it. Like I said, drastic changes such as surgery totally warps you! I just wanted to devour everything in sight. So I am glad I am taking control now before this all gets too out of hand. I have a realistic goal in mind that I want to lose 5 pounds before Christmas. That means I would weigh 185! Which would be totally awesome. There is a part of me hoping that I could get down into the lower 180’s, but I don’t want to push myself too, too hard. After all, the world might be ending next month and I do want to enjoy some things! Β To help get back on this healthy lifestyle bandwagon, I am starting to use MyFitnessPal again. I am even putting in the bad stuff! Nothing is going to fall through the cracks. The one bad part about it is realizing my tummy has stretched out again and was pretty hungry by the end of last night, but I held true to my calories. Shrink Stomach, Shrink!

I am also starting to get more active. Starting last Sunday, I have picked up some light jogging. I can’t do too much since I am still healing and the doctors don’t want to do anything too strenuous, but it has felt nice to do some activity. My stamina is down a lot! First time, I could barely jog half a mile before having to walk. Second time, I managed to do .7 of a mile. Today, I managed the whole entire mile though it seriously kicked my butt. At least it is progress! Exercise is definitely key to keeping me motivated. I find that the less I exercise, the hungrier I will feel throughout the day.

Other things that have been currently going on in my life…

I started on birth control to regulate my periods. It was one of those things I promised I would do once I got the jaw surgery under my belt. I have never had regular periods (Sorry boys who may be reading this!), and definitely want to get my body into working order since the husband and I want to try to have kids within the next two years. Whoo!

Also, got my hair cut short in the first time in many years. When I was overweight, I tried to hide under longer hair. But my hair really does not like being long.

Love the short hair! It really shows off my collarbones (not in this picture). Unfortunately one of my favorite dress shirts is too big. -sad face-

I was going to write about handling Holiday cravings and losing weight during the Holidays… but I felt like I needed to do a small update on my life since it has technically been awhile! So that will be my post tomorrow! While IΒ  my husband will be making a small Turkey since we want to have leftovers for awhile.

How is everyone else doing? How has your November been?




11 thoughts on “Coming Back Full Force

  1. Yay! Glad to see an update from you. So happy to see that you are starting to get back to feeling normal. Congrats on all the weight loss, and maintaining a healthy plan over the holidays. I didn’t want to weigh this morning after such a crazy weekend of eating and travel. I’m going to just stick with my normal weigh in day of Fridays and hope that a week of eating more normally gives me better news on Friday. πŸ™‚ Love the new hair cut – it looks great!

    • It was pretty crazy. I was so afraid of going back over the 200’s! So I am pretty happy where I am at. And yeah I definitely did not weight myself last week. Too scary! So I made sure I was well behaved yesterday (for the most part) and got on the scale this morning! But come on, you have to be a little crazy over the holidays!

      And thanks! I really love the new hair cut! It makes me feel awesome and fun. haha

  2. Love the short hair πŸ™‚ Way to go on getting back on track!! I’m somewhat I’m the same boat… life has been turned upside down for a month now. Worked out for the first time yesterday it felt great :)!!

    • Yup! I am finally starting to get these cravings under control! Thank goodness. There are still some lingering ones but I pretty much have it in control enough to whack it down a few pegs if need be, and I am getting better at planning my food throughout the day if I plan on giving into a craving later on in the day.

      And I bet that felt awesome! It kicked my butt to go jogging, but it definitely felt great to get active!

  3. What a wonderful, happy post! You seem to be doing so much better; I’m really glad. I know the stamina progress probably feel slow, but it sounds like you’re doing it right and I think that’s wonderful. Also, “After all, the world might be ending next month and I do want to enjoy some things!” made me laugh a lot…always good to keep perspective πŸ™‚

    • Oh yeah, took awhile but I am definitely feeling more like my normal self! haha And exactly… I am not banking on the world ending, but just in case… I want to have some fun, :p But just enough fun that I still look pretty darn sexy. lol

  4. Fitness nemesis! Looking forward to seeing you again on mfp… I may have just broken the 200 pound barrier so we’ll see what shenanigans the scales want to play tomorrow… I was pretty good over Thanksgiving. Didn’t put any weight on and managed to stay within my calorie goal pretty much the whole time πŸ™‚

    I like your hair, it suits you πŸ™‚

    Oh… and that last part before the hair photo… la la la la la la la

    • It is so nice to be back on MFP. It really keeps me in check. It amazes me how quickly some calories can add up! I really hope you have broken through the barrier. That one is definitely one of the toughest! But I know you can do it!

      And I love the hair too! Thanks!

      :p Hey it is an important part for next year when hopefully this blog can be about growing a family too!

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