Freezing My Butt Off!


I guess if I freeze my butt off, that is less weight I have to worry about right? Ha. If only that were the case! I am feeling pretty proud of myself for going out this morning in the 23 F air outside and going on one of my longest runs that I have done so far. Just shy of over a mile. The run was briefly interrupted by a super cute baby-ish red squirrel that unfortunately probably won’t survive the winter. It was really confused and super friendly. It got to about a foot away from my feet! I totally wish I had my camera/phone on me. Drats. Would have been so easy to snap a picture of the little guy. The only problem is he was already super skinny and had no insulation to warm him up. Maybe he has another squirrely that loves him and will cuddle him through the winter, but he just didn’t seem to be eating, and didn’t like to get on the frozen grass because it was too cold (I am assuming. He was super sensitive to the grass for some reason). My husband went down later to see if he could find the little guy but didn’t have any luck… so I am hoping he is huddled up somewhere.  Anyway after my run, I went to the barn and spent about 2 hours there grooming and playing with my pony. I have been in a funk all morning, and for whatever reason, I really just broke down and cried into her fur. Animals are so therapeutic  and I love the fact that she just lowered her head and stood there calmly while I got all emotional and stupid.

After that, I had lunch with my mom. It was pretty nice and I was fairly well behaved in the eating category. I had a tuna melt and some sweet potato fries, but I didn’t finish all of it, despite the fact I had burned over 400 calories this morning doing all my crazy stuff. For some reason, I just haven’t been very hungry today either. We also picked up a small tree to put in my mom’s apartment to surprise my sister when she gets home from work. Shhhh! I know she will really like it and it really lights up the place. To burn off a little more calories, I played with this cutie:


He is absolutely adorable and so smart! He just loves chasing his ball around.

Right now I am trying to find the motivation to organize the office to get ready for the Christmas Tree, but  I much rather snuggle under my electric blanket.

One thing I also need to work on is drinking enough water. For some reason, when it is cold outside, water is the last thing I want to drink. What is something you do to motivate yourself to drink water when you are feeling cold?



15 thoughts on “Freezing My Butt Off!

  1. Drink tea! I wasn’t such a big fan of tea until I started tasting different flavored tea. My favourite is green tea but any tea will make me happy as a clam 🙂

  2. Aww I love squirrels! Too bad this one probably won’t make it through winter. Also, I love ponies 🙂 Do you ride that pony aswell? Unfortunately I don’t have any tips on how to drink more water when it’s cold – I don’t drink enough either! 😉
    Love, Anne

    • I know! It was super cute and friendly. And I do ride! Right now I am recovering from jaw surgery, so I am still not really allowed to ride… but this summer I rode all the time! =D

      We need to work on this water thing, ASAP

  3. I don’t like cold water in the winter either, unless I’m working out… anyways I often fill up 2 separate cups (at different times) and let one sit till it’s room temp while I’m drinking the last one that is already room temp… kind of weird.

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