If you don’t like me on Facebook…


You should! Or else you miss out on awesome pictures like these…



The first picture was taken in February of this year when I weighed 257 and then the second picture was taken a couple days ago at the awesome weight of 189!


14 thoughts on “If you don’t like me on Facebook…

  1. What makes you stick with it? I do really really well for like 2 months then something happens and I go fattening food crazy. I think I let “life” get in my way and give me excuses. Not really sure how to stay motivated. Love your blog. You are normal and easy to relate to!

    • I think the biggest thing that has helped me stick with it is that I make short term weekly goals. Instead of relying on “I want to lose such and such pounds by this date,” I tell myself I want to try to lose up to 2 pounds this week. I am much more likely to stay focused since that is only 7 days I have to work with instead of 30 where you think a few binge days won’t really matter. Also, I make healthy living a routine. I add active things into my life… such as horseback riding, hiking in the summers, walking, etc. So it isn’t just doing a work out DVD or going to the gym. It actually becomes a fun social activity that burns a lot of calories without you really realizing it! Whatever you do, don’t give up. If you had a bad day, just balance it the next day with yummy stuff. Join a calorie counter site like MFP.

  2. Many, many congrats – you’ve been an inspiration to many, including myself. I was at about 250 pounds at the beginning of the year and now I’m at 199 😀 (I may be at 198 but I won’t believe my scales until I see it again tomorrow LOL)

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