Weekend Goals…


Tonight the husband and I are going on a “first date.” He is going to pick me up at the door and we are going to do the whole first date awkwardness. It will be fun to reconnect and be silly. I will let you guys know more about it later. There may or may not be pictures, depending on how “cool” my date is.

Here are some other things I want to accomplish this weekend:

1. Cut down our own Christmas Tree

2. Put up Christmas lights in all the windows.

3. Jog 1.5 miles

4. Lunge Daisy (my horse).

5. Stay within my calories

6. Figure out my schedule for baking Christmas Cookies this year.

7. Vacuum/Mop the Apartment

8. Organize the office so we can rearrange furniture so we actually have room for the Christmas tree.

9. Drink more water!


Of course there is still room in case some social events happen to pop up. I am super excited to get the apartment all decked out for Christmas.  Definitely one of my favorite times of the year, despite it being so cold outside! Just as long as we end up having white Christmas, I should be fine!

I am really hoping to be down to 188 by Monday. I am not going to have any alcohol this weekend, and I definitely need to start cutting back on the amount of sugar I have been having lately. One of the things I need to work on is having more veggies in my diet and that is going to start tonight/tomorrow as well!

What are some of your weekend goals? Sorry for such a short post today. The mind has been a little scatterbrained lately. I am going to blame the pill for making me be a little bit on the emotional side!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Goals…

  1. My goals are very similar to yours!!! Clean, get the house ready for decorating, finish unpacking….get back to exercising and eating better! I plan on getting out for a run both days. It’s been way too long and I feel all lazy!! Hate that feeling….good luck with your goals and have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I got on the treadmill and burnt 1,000 calories each time… did some reading… took James to the park… watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight… wrote a blog post… I didn’t get to work on my screenplay though, but that’s okay because I got the other things done 🙂

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