Weekend Accomplishments


Well right now, my arms and body are sore.

I have no idea what my weight is today because my scale is on the fritz.

And I did not count calories all weekend, though I was always consciously aware of what I was putting in the ol’ piehole.


So what did happen this weekend?

The husband and I rearranged the furniture in the office so we would have room for the tree.

We got rid of some clutter for good.

We walked across a Christmas Tree Farm in the cold to find the perfect tree.

Cut it down ourselves.

Dragged it on a sled.

Set it up at home and put lights around it.

Danced and played Fruit Ninja with the new Kinect system we got for the XBOX 360 (What a work out!)

And got Holiday Pictures taken!

So I didn’t get everything I want accomplished done, but I still feel like the weekend was very productive.

How did you guys do this weekend? Any triumphs you care to share?




11 thoughts on “Weekend Accomplishments

  1. Mine wasn’t bad… my work schedule is killing me though… and I’m kinda moody right now LOL Not sure why… I can be fine for a little while and then I start feeling down… I think I just need to win the lottery… that’ll pick me up 😀

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