Week Goals, December Goals, Goals Everywhere


It was around this time last year I decided to finally take control of my life and lose weight. My dad had just passed away a few months back, and the husband and I were trying to get into the Christmas spirit and do some shopping. My jeans were getting pretty ratty, and I really wanted to buy some new clothes, so we decided to check out Macy’s plus size section. I grabbed a pair of pants that I am sure would fit. They looked big to my eye! But when I went into the dressing room, I was severely disappointed. I couldn’t even get the pants over my butt. I was so distraught and it really put a damper on my Holiday spirit. I knew right then I needed to change or else my life was going to be a lot of disappointments that didn’t have to be disappointments. These were things I could change.



Now flash forward to a year later, to now, and I am 80 pounds lighter.  I can walk into most stores and find something to fit into. I don’t walk away feeling embarrassed or sad. I walk away feeling empowered, confident, and most of the time sexy! I am no longer afraid to be myself when before I just wanted to hide to make sure no one noticed me. I was so ashamed of who I was. I am not that girl anymore.

I am a girl who is strong enough to go from 267 pounds to 187 pounds, in one year.

I am a girl who hiked Mountains this summer instead of hid in her apartment.

I am a girl who decided to live life instead of watching it flutter-by.

And you can do it too!

My goal for the next year is to lose another 20 pounds for a total of 100 pounds loss. From there I will re-evaluate where I feel like I need to be.

My goal for December is to lose 5 pounds, have the elliptical in working order, and exercise at least a half hour 5x a week.

My goal for this week is to get my Christmas village set up, get all the lights up in the apartment, start baking Holiday cookies to send out to clients, and lose one pound.


Every day I want to be a little bit better than the day before. Every day I want to kick a little bit more butt. I know this next year is going to be just as amazing, and most likely even more so, than this year. I am so excited by the possibilities because I decided to take control of my life.


16 thoughts on “Week Goals, December Goals, Goals Everywhere

  1. Love this post – so inspirational. I know my weight loss journey is on pause right now while I’m pregnant – but I’m so hopeful that I can be back on track with my weight loss post-pregnancy. You are helping me be inspired to still make good decisions while pregnant – which is even more difficult than it was before being pregnant which is hard to imagine!!! Good luck with all your goals – you have come so far and I’m super glad that we have been able to follow each others journeys this whole time 🙂 You are amazing!

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