Lots of Big Changes on the Horizon…


I have this philosophy on life where the good you put out into the world will find its way back to you. Even if your life is currently not in a harmonious state and you feel like you keep getting the crap end of the stick, as long as you keep doing good for others and working hard to improve yourself, golden opportunities will present themselves. I know some people believe that if you help a person, then they will just think of you when they are in trouble and you won’t ever be on their minds again. Deep down, I think people will always be thankful for the little help you give them. They may not show it in the best of ways, and they may not use the help to better themselves right away, but I think deep down, there is a spark of gratitude. Anyway, I am getting a little off topic right now. Anyway, I try to live my life being generous, giving the benefit of the doubt, and just being open minded. And I feel like the opportunities that arise are because of this. I know it is really weird to think of it this way. But I feel like wonderful things are going to happen because I worked hard and did good things.


One of the big things that happened is I got my financial aid for next semester. My dream is to become a dietitian so I can help people that were just like me. People that felt lost and that their life is out of control because of their eating. My number one goal is to inspire. As long as one person out there can wake up and be like “By golly, if Cassy can do it, so can I!” because the truth is, you can. I was really worried about my financial aid. I am starting up school in the Spring semester, and I am technically a senior. So I was shocked to see that a lot of my schooling was covered by grants! Meaning money I do not have to pay back! I took out a loan just for books and such. It was such a weight off my shoulders knowing that I was not going to have to pay out of pocket to go back to school. YAY!


Second big thing that is on the horizon is that a very awesome friend entered me into a contest to win a website and I won! Holy crap. The idea still blows my mind, and I have some really big ideas for it that could change things up quite a bit. I am going to be discussing these ideas with some other awesome inspiring bloggers before I reveal any ideas. All you should know is that it is going to be awesome and I hope it will help inspire you!

Today’s goal is to take more pictures of my meals and get the rest of the Christmas lights up in the apartment.  Oh and I need to do 40 squats I guess. Also I am going to go jogging. Yes I am!


6 thoughts on “Lots of Big Changes on the Horizon…

  1. Congratulations! I think you’d be a great dietitian/nutritionist.
    I wanted to comment on ” I think people will always be thankful for the little help you give them.” I’ve been thinking about that; I was having a really stupid day yesterday, but then a guy at Whole Foods was so above and beyond helpful–way more than necessary for his job–and it turned my day around. So I couldn’t pay it back to him, but I was able to pay it forward, because I was in a good mood when Angus got home. So in that sense, I think that there is a net positive gain in the universe from one small action. And I’m still grateful to that guy at whole foods!

  2. This is so cool, I also want to be a dietician 🙂 For the very same reason as you. I want to be able to help others, because I know how hard it is to lose weight and stay motivated! Also, congrats on winning the website! 😉
    Love, Anne

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