My Mind. A Crazy Place Currently.


My mind is currently all over the place. I find myself constantly thinking of future ideas, plans, and really anticipating the later instead of focusing on the now. It is kind of driving me (and others) a little batty. To top it all off, my stomach has been all over the place. I am going to blame the pill for this one (I know, not good to blame things!) so my eating has been a little weird. Yesterday was the first time in awhile when I really overshot my calories. The Pad Thai just tasted so good and it had been over 2 months since I had it. I know. Excuses once again. I am back on track today, though! Watching what I eat and plugging everything into MFP.

Because of my stomach pain/upset, I really haven’t been exercising like I should. I did manage to put together my Christmas village, though! I think that counts for something!



Isn’t it beautiful? It really adds the Christmas spirit to the room. Best part is that it is entirely Disney themed! YAY! I also got the lights up in other places in the apartment, have managed to do quite a bit of cleaning, and I am still getting stuff done. I have just been scatter brained lately!

I am super excited to have homemade coconut chicken curry tonight! It is healthy, low calories, and something I have totally been craving for awhile.

Stay tune for tomorrow I will have a better written post. Hopefully my Christmas Village will make up for lack of substance.



7 thoughts on “My Mind. A Crazy Place Currently.

  1. I just caught up on your posts. Congrats on the webstie! What great luck you have. And also on your one year of accomplishments! I like your Christmas village. It’s super festive and happy.

  2. Share the coconut chicken curry recipe pleeeaaseee! I am in LOVE with curry, it’s ridiculous. The table (is it a table?) looks BEAUTIFUL! I can see you are a huge Disney fan now! haha. Lovely!

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