Taking a Slight Break in the Programming…


This week has been tough in regard to womanly problems. My eating has been pretty horrendous in terms of what I have been eating (but thankfully not in how much I have been eating). My body just craves meat, grease, and chocolate and if I try to tell myself no, I get super cranky and take it out on the husband. So I have just sort of been riding my cravings along this week and haven’t been doing much exercising. So I feel really bad updating when I haven’t been doing anything update worthy.


Still a lot of big things brewing in the background, though! Once this week is done, I will be back to focusing on the good, the awesome, and the even more awesome! But right now, I am just trying to keep myself from crying all the time (like I think I am going to cry because my hot chocolate is almost gone).


What do you girls do to combat your emotions at this time? Or are you like me? And just kind of wade through it all and try to avoid any big tidal waves?


8 thoughts on “Taking a Slight Break in the Programming…

  1. So these are cravings/mood swings associated with birth control pills you think? That is pretty intense! I definitely would get snacky/sweet tooth around that time and it’s hard to resist. I think you just have to pre-plan your meals and snacks so that you already know what you are going to eat. And when you know you’ll be craving something less than nutritious – find a healthier version of it to make instead. Like – i’m really craving mexican food all the time, but it’s not that great for me to eat everyday. So my hubby & i have been making healthier version of tacos at home, or enchiladas made with low carb shells and ground turkey instead of beef. Things like that. And allow yourself a few cheats – but anticipate them (know what/when they will be) so you can truly enjoy them.

    I always find it easier to say now to a cookie now if i know i’ve promised myself a milkshake later, you know?

  2. I feel for you. I have been wanting to eat like nuts at work. Things are very stressful and food seems to be my go to. I am trying to drink a big glass of water before invest anything. This is helping a bit. I’m usually pretty full after guzzling the water, and I need to get up and walk down the hall to the washroom many times a day, so that is also helping to distract me from eating any piece of crap snack in the cupboards in the office kitchen. Good luck. Hopefully the “storm” passes quickly. Be awesome!

  3. Oh, I feel for you right now! I’ve been having a really hard time with my lady hormones and sometimes things just get out of control. The only thing that really helps me is trying to practice acceptance. Accepting that I’m feeling crappy and not shaming or scolding myself about it, allowing myself to acknowledge that it sucks, and I will probably cry a bunch, and it will not be fun but that in the end it will all be okay. I like to remind myself that however I’m feeling is temporary and remember times I have felt similar and then gotten better. Also, deep breathing, lighting candles and being as gentle with myself as possible eases things a little.

    Sending you lots of hugs, bunches of soft tissues, and much more hot chocolate!

  4. As annoying as it can be, exercise is definitely a huge stress reliever, and helps with hormonal moodiness. Of course, having the willpower to get out there and exercise some when you’re feeling like crap is definitely hard, but it really does help. Even if it’s just going for a ride on Daisy, or even going for a quick 5 minute walk around the block, often times just getting outside for a few minutes can help.

    Additionally, if it is birth-control related, if you’re finding that every month you’re suffering like this, perhaps it’s time to talk to your doctor. I have taken so many different types of birth control due to the fact that I suffered from terrible migraines and cramps…it’s awful! It can definitely make that-time-of-the-month either better or worse!

    Good luck with it all Cassy…I know it is hard. I often find myself taking out my frustration on Jesse too…he understands but it really isn’t fair. It’s hard!

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