A Big Update: New Site, New Scale, New Year!


Sorry I have been hiding a lot lately and haven’t posted or read many of your blogs! I just have not been prioritizing my time very well and things started to go downhill real fast. I lost focus on my weight loss goals and have just been jumping back and forth between similar numbers (at least I haven’t been gaining a lot with the holidays but I haven’t been losing either!). My body has become a lot less tone due to not exercising as often as I want/need to. Just a lot of things have been adding up and making me feel like a failure! But no more! I am back full force. The new year started off a little shaky but that’s a great thing about each day, you can change it! You can make a new start whenever. 

Though I haven’t been posting a lot here, I have started a new site with two other very awesome ladies! Check out the site here: 3 Girls Against The Scale. We have tips, recipes, product reviews and giveaways! Make sure to like us on Facebook too!

Another reason it has been hard to get motivated is because my scale died. I just did not know what my exact weight was! I had to guessimate and hope that the scale wasn’t being honest when it would jump 10 pounds up when I first got on, get on again and it would be 11 pounds lighter, get on one last time and it would be somewhere in the middle! Very frustrating! So last night, I finally bought a new scale! A nice old fashion one so it can’t jump all over the place.


Sorry for the blurriness! =D

I got on this morning and I am at 190. Not too bad considering how lazy I have been! My goal is to get down to 185 by the end of January and then be at 170 by the end of February!

Also, I have started up classes! I am on my way to becoming a dietitian and I am super excited. The best part is with my schooling I also get a membership to the gym so I hit that up last night. My plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week and horseback ride 4 times a week.

My other goals consist of not procrastinating! (I am not allowed to play games or watch television until my homework is done). As long as I stay on top of things, I shouldn’t get so boggled down by other things.

I plan on posting on this blog 3 times a week or as often as I can! I need to see how busy I am with school and the other site but I am going to try to get caught up on your blogs too! Or at least do a better job at reading them.

Have an awesome day everyone!


20 thoughts on “A Big Update: New Site, New Scale, New Year!

  1. I know how you felt about the scale. When My old scale wasn’t working properly I went nuts. Thank god I bought a new one. Well I am glad you’re back and well done for the website, I am already your no 1 fan 🙂

    • I know! It was driving me crazy. It was telling me I gained 10 pounds in a day?! I was totally freaking out and was thinking my food was out of control. But nope, just the scale! =D

      And thanks! You rock!

      • hehe it is impossible you gain 10 pounds in a day, you can gain 4pounds max if you really overeat but I never gained 10pounds in a day. However I know how you feel, I was going nuts too, I would be in a very bad mood. and thanks sweety 🙂 your awesome xx

  2. Sorry your scale died, but maybe it was meant to be so you would get yourself more of a classic scale.
    Oh boy, I procrastinate a lot too but am not nearly as disciplined as you. I’m always avoiding the work and playing video games or reading books until the last minute. I think I am even procrastinating right now as I write this comment. lol

    • ahahaha. I am a REALLY bad procrastinator. It is soooo hard not to get on the computer and instantly play video games for “an hour” (which always turns into 3). I am trying really hard to make fun time my reward time… so I get my work done faster and more efficiently instead of moping around and worrying about it. :p

  3. So funny that you bought an old fashioned one because a digital scale wasn’t working…growing up, our old fashioned scale NEVER worked (maybe they lose accuracy over several decades??) so now I don’t trust them. Good luck with your goals!

    • ahahaha well after the battery died in the digital, it was never the same. :/ this one you can adjust to make sure the needle is on zero so if it does get a little off, you can personally fix it. And so far, it has been extremely accurate! Sometimes technology complicates things!

  4. My weight has been a bit wibbly wobbly too… lost four pounds in a week over Xmas and then I’ve put a couple back on again… I’m hoping to start losing again soon… right now I’m at 194.5… I think LOL My scales lie too… 😛

    Good to see you back though 😀

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