What I Have Been Eating…


For the past few days, my eating has been fairly stable. I am definitely trying harder to focus on my food, especially since winter zaps my motivation for exercise (I KNOW. Excuses. I did a lot of at home working out today. I just do not like winter and going outside). So here are some of the things I have been eating…


Turkey crumbles in egg whites, covered with salsa and a dollop of light sour cream.



Sandwich made with 2 slices of double fiber whole wheat bread, turkey breast, and light mayo. Complimented with organic unsweetened applesauce and a kashi oatmeal and dark chocolate cookie.


Baked Spinach Ziti, made with a lot of peppers. And a salad. Definitely delicious and very low cal. Best part is it is extremely filling.




It was my husband’s birthday last week so to celebrate, we had cake yesterday. I only allowed myself one “small” piece. It has strawberries so that counts for something, right?


My eating has definitely been improving, despite the cake. Like I said, I only allowed myself one piece and that is it. I do not plan on having any leftover cake either. My weight is currently at 186, and I am hoping to get it down to 184 by next week. I am tired of just jumping back and forth between numbers. Time to focus and get those numbers going down!

On the menu this week, we are looking at Eggplant Parmesan and a Creamy Avocado pasta dish that I have been dying to try.

Also, do not forget my contest I have going on at my Facebook Page: Journey to Awesomehood. All you have to do is share a recipe that you consider healthy and one you would share with a loved one (perhaps over candlelight?). You can enter as many recipes as you like. It does not have to be a recipe you invented, but one you have tried.

Each recipe is considered an entry (so the more you have, the more chances you have at winning). 

The surprise gift is one you probably wouldn’t mind having as you walked around. 😉

That is all! You have until Thursday, February 13th at Midnight to enter!


5 thoughts on “What I Have Been Eating…

  1. You have me some good ideas to cook for myself 🙂 Don’t wry about the cake, it’s not like you are going to have it everyday,once in a while it is ok. I am now trying to plan what am I going to eat for valentines that is good but not as fattening hehe.

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