1 Week Until Spring Break!


This semester has been FLYING. I have so busy making sure I stay on top of homework and such, that I really have not had much time to blogged. A part of the reason is I just haven’t had much to say either. My motivation to exercise has been kind of up and down with the Maine winter, and my eating has been fairly the same. I am finally no longer bouncing back and forth between 187 – 190. I am now bouncing between 183 – 185, but that shows progress! So at least there is that.

I am really excited for this Spring Break… because I am actually going to go somewhere for Spring break. That never happens! The husband and I bought plane tickets to go back out to California, the beautiful sunshine state… because that is just what I need. Also, to be reunited with one of my best friends. I really cannot put into words on how pumped I am about all this. We plan on hitting up Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World. I also have plans to get a little hands on experience with dolphins! Say what? Yes. Dolphins. I am going to touch a dolphin. I so cannot wait. I have been a huge marine life fan since I was an infant. I even have a dolphin tattoo on my ankle. Yes, I am one of those girls. I also will get to see my first live Orca whale. Now, I am a little torn on this because… I really do not like the fact that the whales are in captivity. Though my husband did bring up a good point “would you visit a friend in jail?” And the answer of course was yes. So I am going to be visiting my Orca prison pals. (And someday, just someday, I may break them free). I am having hard concentrating this week because my mind is so ready for vacation.



This picture was taken last May… and I cannot believe how much I have changed since then. I am 40 pounds lighter than I was in this picture! 40 pounds lighter now! I really cannot wait to take some comparison photos so you guys can see the changes too!

Right now I am maintaining an A average in all my classes, though Biology is proving to be challenging. I am currently hanging in there at an A-. I know, that is still fantastic.. but I really need to keep my grades up high to make sure I am competitive enough to get into an internship after I graduate. It’s a really competitive field! So that is a reason for my lack of posts as well. I am hoping as I get my mindset back into the game, I will post more. I have my most success when I put my story out there.

My goal currently is to try to lose 2 pounds this week to try to get as close to 180 – 179 as I can. Then I want to be down to 175 by the end of March, and then be down to 165 by the beginning/middle of May. I know I can do this!

What are your goals for Spring?



7 thoughts on “1 Week Until Spring Break!

  1. Before anyone goes on a tirade about Sea World, yes, Cassy is fully aware of the detrimental effect that place can have on its occupants. 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you girl for loosing all the weight but also for getting great marks in school . Go girl 🙂 have fun in your spring break

  3. Wow, it’s always amazing to see the “before” pictures of you. You gotta try and take the same photo this year in the same place with your friend. Obviously not the same clothes… :p Have a blast in Disneyland!

  4. I hope you have a great time 🙂

    I’m currently at about 187… I haven’t been exercising, for two main reasons (or excuses) – I’ve had to change the time I go to the gym because there’s a guy who hogs the treadmill, one of the others isn’t working and if someone else is using the third, then there’s no treadmills left to use. So I try to go in the afternoon instead… but on a Saturday I have to do errands and on a Sunday I have my son’s basketball game LOL

    The weight is still coming off, but slowly… It used to be 5 pounds a month but it’s more like 4 now. I might still be able to reach 170 by the end of June though…

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