Things I Have Been Loving…


1. – This is seriously one of my go-to sites to plan out healthy meals for a week! I have not been disappointed by a recipe so far.

2. Larabars – So tasty for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. I have very little time between classes to grab lunch so on my long days, Larabars are my go-to. I get the peanut butter chocolate chip for a protein boost and 220 calories. Plenty of calories to give me the energy to not pass out during Biology class.



3. FitBit One – I love this little device! It quickly became part of my routine to put it on my bra and go on my merry way. I love that it syncs up with my iPhone so I can keep up with my progress without having to look at my boobs or get on a computer. It definitely makes me more aware of my activity and motivates me to do more in a day! I am also able to track my sleeping patterns to see how well I am actually sleeping and how often I wake up.



4. Daisy – the best horse in the world (at least in my opinion!). We are gearing up for our first show season together, and I am super nervous and excited all at the same time! You know what they say about getting out of your comfort zone? Well this is definitely what I am doing!



5. The Gym – For whatever reason, a shift has happened in my brain, and I am actually really looking forward to the days I go to the gym (Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday). That means I plan on getting my burn on this evening!

6. Coconut – I have been loving on coconut! Last week we had coconut shrimp, and this week I am planning on making coconut chicken. Partly because we still have shredded coconut left, but mostly because it is just so freaking delicious!


Right now, I am struggling with cravings. All I want is mint chocolate chip ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts but I cannot due to the fact that I am trying to avoid sugar this week (until Friday). I am thinking if I do really well this week, I will take a walk to Dunkin Donuts on Saturday morning (about 3 miles round-trip) and reward myself with a small ice coffee with skim milk. I know it is bad to reward yourself with food, but sometimes you just need it.


5 thoughts on “Things I Have Been Loving…

  1. I love my FitBit One! The FitBit Aria scale is also just about the coolest scale ever. You should friend me!
    About the cravings – Good for you for trying to avoid sugar! I need to follow your example. I have had the worst cravings the last few weeks and instead of staying strong, I’ve been giving in. Sounds like a great plan for the iced coffee.

    • Haha! Yeah I originally got it to see how many steps I did at Disneyland… but then I completely forgot to bring it. So now I am kicking butt! It really helps me focus on my activity level

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