Quick Post Before Bed…


Despite a low activity day today, I still stayed within my calories even eating a 3oz steak! Yum! Tomorrow will be a much more active day since I will be walking around campus in between classes and then going to the gym. Tomorrow is treadmill day and my goal is to reach the 3 mile mark!Β 

Stay tune, tomorrow I am also going to be writing up a post about fad diets! I am so excited to become a nutritionist! How was everyone’s Tuesday? You feeling good about this week?


10 thoughts on “Quick Post Before Bed…

  1. That’s awesome you’re going to become a nutritionist! I’m getting on track with making healthy choices too so my Tuesday was a good start! Good job πŸ™‚

  2. Well done πŸ™‚ I really need to join a gym but i’m scared that I can’t do much because the knee injury I have. Will maybe try swimming this summer instead.

    • What exactly is wrong with your knee? I find the elliptical and bikes are very low impact on bad knees, depending on how fast you go, and technically when you are burning fat, you want to go slow anyway! And keep your heart rate in the 130’s. =D It definitely helps build up confidence too. It took me awhile to actually like going to the gym, but I am definitely not afraid of it anymore!

      • It makes a poping sound and it hurts a little bit when I go up the stairs, In fact I have to avoid the stairs. I still walk and do some cardio at home the best I can but would love to push myself further and exercise more. That is why I was thinking of joining a pool instead

      • Ouchies. That sucks. How long has it been like that? Sounds like you may have pulled a ligament that supports the kneecap (I did that! So my knee pops occasionally and easily re-injured). But swimming is definitely a good idea! I love it. =D

      • It has been popping for a while now i think about 3 months. Hopefully once I loose more weight it will stop doing it. and I love swimming so it would be a fun exercise πŸ™‚

  3. Been feeling great this week! Meeting all goals, working my butt off during spring break. You’re going to be a great nutritionist. If I wasn’t a teacher I think that would be a career I’d be interested in.

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