Updated Monthly Goals, 100 Goals, and About Me!


I realized how outdated all these things were! I had lost 20 pounds since I had last updated my About Me/Progress Picture and my Monthly Goals were from November! Ugh! So all that needed an overhaul! I also have to update my 100 goals since I had definitely completed a few of them in the past few months. What goals are you asking? Well I am glad you ask because I actually have pictures of a few of them!

#3.Go back to California to hang out with my other soulmate, Lindsay (Completed March 5th – 11th, 2013)


Reunited and it feels so… Good?

#24. See a live Orca (Completed March 8th, 2013)


Not only did I see BIG orcas, I saw a baby one too! YEE!

#30.Go on a Rollercoaster that goes upside down (Completed March 14, 2013)

I don’t have a picture of this yet… but it still happened! I have witnesses! Sort of. She may or may not have fallen asleep, and the husband went on it with me!

#49. Make a snowman (February 27, 2013)


Me and the coolest looking snowman ever.

#50.Also a snow angel  (Sometime in January 2013)

Unfortunately, no pictures of this… but it did happen this year! It was just really dark out when it did happen!


Something that did happen that was not on my list but should have been…




Yeah. That happened!

The thing some people forget to mention when you are on this incredibly hard journey of weight loss is how WORTH it is… not because you will look and feel fantastic… but because your confidence will shoot up and you will take chances you would have never done before because you were too afraid. Say yes to more opportunities!


12 thoughts on “Updated Monthly Goals, 100 Goals, and About Me!

  1. Well done 🙂 it is awesome to do the things you always wishes and btw you look gorgeous especially in the picture with the dolphin.

  2. I lose sight of those goals that are really just about life’s simple pleasures – sometimes I find my mind (including my goals) is so clouded and transfixed on weight loss, it’s hard to remember that other of life’s small goals are so important too! Congrats on your latest victories 🙂

    • Got to enjoy life too! I have come to realize that life is just too short and there is so much I need to accomplish in this life. (No want to accomplish, need to accomplish!). I want to look back and be like “Yeah. I lived an adventure not just a life.” Even if it is just something small like taking a lot of walks or going to the beach… just anything that makes me enjoy what the world has to offer!

      • That is a great point. I spend so much time worrying, letting life pass by… It’s so important to go do stuff!

        Thanks for commenting.

      • Lol so new to WordPress I thought this was a comment on my post. My comment still stands I just realize I sound douchey thanking you. Awkward!

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