My Weekend and the Salad Challenge


This weekend was a little up and down in terms of exercise and weight loss. I was fairly active for the most part. I went on half hour walks both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I also had a riding lesson on my horse Daisy to work on getting show ready. It was a wonderful lesson and I really enjoyed it! Definitely going to be doing it again soon. That also burned a little extra calories. Friday, I went to the gym before splurging on some food.

Yes, food was not 100% perfect this weekend but it was not too bad either. I stayed fairly close to my calorie intake while still enjoying a good time among friends and families. Yesterday a group of us drove 2 hours down to Southern Maine to see Jurassic Park in 3D IMAX. Totally worth it. On this trip, I did splurge a little and ate some candy pieces while watching the movie. Regardless, I really did not eat that much candy (got to love those pieces! especially the dark chocolate york peppermint ones). So like I said, not the best weekend but not the worse weekend either!

Today starts a new week, and I am another step closer to ending out my first semester of becoming a Nutritionist. YAY. I am feeling pretty confident about this semester. This week will be a long one, though. A lot of big projects to accomplish! Also, I plan on being very active this week. Today, I plan on going horseback riding this afternoon, then going to the gym for 45 minutes to an hour, and then doing some cleaning! 

Today also marks the beginning of the Salad-A-Day Challenge! The husband and I are going to be making a Turkey Taco Salad. Yummy! Pictures will be posted tonight over on my Facebook Page.

Feel free to join Trying Not to Be Fat and Grace Got Healthy on this challenge! It really helps motivate you to get in your servings of fruit and vegetables! Whoo!



I know it’s Monday. But it means you have all these days between now and the weekend to kick ass and be healthy!


6 thoughts on “My Weekend and the Salad Challenge

  1. Sounds like a busy week, but also sounds like you’re doing great! And to have a weekend that wasn’t totally “perfect” is fine anyways since its all about moderation! It’s so easy (at least for me) to over do it on that yummy stuff so not doing that is pretty darn good. Great job 🙂

    • I never deprive, but sometimes I had the bad stuff a little too frequently. I never over eat the bad stuff but for some reason if I have candy like 3 times in one week… the scale doesn’t seem to like me so much. haha

      • The scale is evil. I’ve been only getting on it once a week because if I don’t wait I end up making myself crazy. Keep up your hard work and it will pay off.

    • That is an awesome start! =D Do some interval training… go like 2.5 mph for the first 2 minutes, then bump it up to 4 mph for 3 minutes, go down to 3.5 mph for 2 minutes, bump it up to 5 mph.. etc. It really helps get the blood flowing!

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