Busy Week and It Isn’t Over Yet!


Sorry for the lack of posts the past two days. My friend was up from Florida and Tuesday/Wednesday morning was the only time I had to spend with her. It was amazing since our other high school friend came down so all three of us could be united for an afternoon of Fruit Ninja, dancing and bowling! Oh yeah, we had a fairly active Tuesday and then used up all the calories we burned to go out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. This sort of put a bit of a kink in my salad-a-day challenge since I had been planning on a salad for dinner and did not really have one at lunch. So I ended up having 2 small salads instead at the restaurant and then ate half of my Pad Thai. Yummy.


Cucumber, apple slices, and crab with an apple cider vinegar dressing!

Wednesday morning, my friend and I decided to go on a 4 mile walk to get an iced mocha latte, and because I really wanted to walk up the big hill near my apartment. It was such a nice work out and we did it all under an hour! Pretty impressive. For lunch, I made us Coconut Chicken Salad  — a recipe I got over at Skinnytaste.com


Coconut Chicken, Spinach, Spring Mix, Alfalfa sprouts, and shredded carrot. Yum! It was a hit!

Then it was time to part ways… which really breaks my heart since she would be such an amazing work out buddy to have live close! I am motivating my friend to do the 4 mile walk with me at least once a week starting on Sunday! It is get to start getting in shape for hiking thanks to the giant hill of doom! (I have to remember to take a picture some time so you guys can visualize it!).

I felt a little guilty about not having a big huge salad on Tuesday so I made up for it by having ANOTHER salad for dinner Wednesday night: Leftovers from Monday!


Lettuce, peppers, avocado, tomato, onion, ground turkey, and crushed tortilla chips covered in a mixture of salsa and light sour cream! So delicious!

The taco salad is very easy to put together. My husband browned up the turkey meat, and then added 2 red peppers and an onion and sauteed that with the meat. He is the seasoning God so I am not 100% sure of the measurements since he pretty much does it all by feel and taste. All I know is that it has salt, cumin, chili powder, a little bit of garlic powder, onion powder, and a little dash of cayenne chili powder (since spiciness kills me).

The 4 mile walk yesterday was not enough, so the husband and I also went to the gym where I ran 2.5 miles. Part of that was bumping up the incline to 15% and working on building up those hiking muscles! It was killer.

Today’s game plan is to get caught up on homework that I have been slacking on for a whole entire week, go horseback riding, and then most likely walk to my friend’s house for game night (where I plan to bring all the candy I have left over from the movies to get it out of the apartment for good! Way too tempting). 

How is your week going? 

Also, if you want more inspiration for salads make sure to check out Trying Not to be Fat and Grace Got Healthy! Their salads rock more than mine.


4 thoughts on “Busy Week and It Isn’t Over Yet!

  1. Talk about salading up! You really made up for any salad time you may have missed. I’ve been slacking on school work too. It’s been hard becoming motivated to do it. I’m totally exhausted this week in every possible way.

  2. Damnit, now you’re making me hungry 😛 I’ve been eating a salad for lunch every day at work for weeks… just habit, actually… but it’s been *really* helping with the weight loss 🙂

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