A Summer of Firsts… Coming Right Up!


I know… talking about Summer already and it has barely gotten up above 60 degrees, but already a lot of plans are in the making! This Sunday, I will be doing my first horse show with my OWN horse. I have never done this before, and I am both excited and scared out of my mind. Daisy and I have come so far in the past couple of years (with the help of such wonderful people!) and I am really excited to show her off. On the other hand, I never quite know what is going to happen, and you know what they say about the “unknown”….

It’s a big freaky place!

And last year, I definitely wouldn’t have shown… but my confidence is slowly improving. I am much more willing to say “Oh well. Lets do it!” Instead of the whole “Are you sure? I don’t think I should…” I have to admit, I much prefer living life with the “lets do it” attitude than being afraid of what is around every corner.

Not only am I attempting horse shows this year, but I also signed up for my first 5K! I have always wanted to do a Color Run, and it turns out there is going to be a similar race while I am down in Virginia Beach visiting my brother, his beautiful wife, and the cutest little baby in the world!



I am so excited to give this a shot! I am super slow, but it doesn’t matter. I know it is going to be a blast, and it will be a great bonding experience with my sister-in-law! I have until July 20th to work on improving my speed! We shall see what happens!

This week has been off with my eating due to that wonderful TOM. Sometimes being a girl sucks, and for whatever reason, I cannot say no to cravings during this time. It just does not happen. So I have had a lot of chocolate (mostly dark) and even got Chinese food! Ooops. But I have still been fairly active — only was stuck on the couch all day on Sunday, but for the most part I have at least managed to walk 2 miles every day. I am fairly certain the scale will not be completely nice to me this week, but that’s okay because I know it is mostly water weight regardless, and next week I will kick some serious butt!

The school year is winding down fast. I found out I currently have one of the highest grades in my public speaking class! Boo yah. I actually like public speaking. I like preparing what I am going to say before I say it. Then I can trick people into thinking I am witty because in all honesty, it takes me like an hour to come up with silly remarks after the fact. I am not so good at the whole “thinking on my toes” thing. That is why I love note cards. I can fool people into believing I am articulate and interesting… and seriously, that’s an awesome feeling!

How is everyone’s week going? Do you have any “firsts” coming up? Lets hear it!


11 thoughts on “A Summer of Firsts… Coming Right Up!

  1. That’s great Cassy! Enjoy your first show – it’s a really great experience (though the horse I used to show used to get all crazy adrenaline fuelled, but more fun in a way). I’d love to do a Colour Run – I had a look at some of them when I first started blogging, but sadly they don’t happen here in the UK 😦 And congratulations on your public speaking grade! Go you!!

    • Haha I am pretty sure Daisy will be full of herself but should be interesting!

      What a bummer about the color run! Maybe you can start it up in the UK?!

      • I’d LOVE that! I’m really surprised that there isn’t anything like that here right now.

        Daisy, I’m sure, will look gorgeous, which will forgive a multitude of behaviour sins 🙂

  2. Being a girl is a love-hate relationship. But hey, I’m doing a color 5k this summer, too! I had wanted to sign up for the Color Vibe 5k here but they sold out, so I’m doing the Color Me Rad 5K in August instead. That’s impressive that you like public speaking. I think it’s the bane of most people’s existences because it’s at the top of people’s biggest fears. Scares the crap out of me.

    • True story! And that is awesome! Too bad the Color Vibe sold out before you get in! It is nice to know it is such a popular race, though! Hopefully I won’t die too much since it will be in a warmer location… need to work on running outside again!

  3. It’s never too early to think about summer, haha! Good luck showing your horse. I don’t know anything about what it entails, but it’s awesome that you’re feeling confident. Living life without self-doubt is the best–everything is much more fun 🙂

    I am also jealous of your Color Run! I’ve had a bunch of friends do them, and they always get the best pictures out of it!

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