All I See is the Number 185


It has definitely been awhile since I have wandered around these ol’ blogging parts, and it has been missed. So much and yet so little has changed since I sort of just… left. I am in the middle of my second semester of becoming a Nutritionist (and hopefully becoming an RD). I became a fan of football (I know. I never thought I would say that either). And have just been enjoying life. The one thing that has not really changed though is my weight. I have pretty much been at the same number for a whole entire year, and in some ways, that is a good thing. I lost 80 pounds and did not back slide. On the downside, I have not progressed either. I have just been stuck. Unmotivated. And every time I go to swing my legs up to get back on the horse, I end up completely missing and falling back down. I am getting really tired of being stuck in the same rut. I miss how I felt last year. How I felt ready to take on the world, motivated, wanting to go out and do stuff to show off how great I felt on the inside.Β 

I think one of the reasons I was so successful last year was because I had this wonderful blog to help keep me accountable. I wanted to help inspire people to show them that it can be done. Helping others gives me such a joy and also helps keep me focused and motivated. I am currently on a journey to get a degree where I will be able to do just that, but how will I be motivating if I can’t even keep myself motivated? This has got to change. I know I always pick the worse times to get back on the horse… when I first started losing weight (and changing my life!) was in December of 2011, right before Christmas. The Holidays are the hardest times to start changing a routine because the routine gets changed so much to begin with. There is food around that is never around any other time of the year. The good news, though, is if you can avoid the temptation of the holidays… you can avoid them any time of the year. Not saying you can’t give in to any temptation, but this is a good time as any to teach yourself moderation.

So that is my goal from today to New Years: give into temptation in moderation. No alcohol except for a little on Thanksgiving. Do not feel like all the leftovers need to be devoured. It is okay to throw out some of that pumpkin pie. I do not want to be stuck looking at the number 185 for the rest of my life. I am getting so close to my 100 pound goal. I need to make that goal into a reality.Β 

ImageThis is my comeback. This is when I make 2014 the year I succeed at my goals and blow them out of the water. Expect to see me around. And while we are at… do you have a comeback story?



11 thoughts on “All I See is the Number 185

  1. Yay! I’m happy to see you back here and looking forward to reading your future posts on how you’re doing with motivation. Like you said, at least you didn’t backslide. That is worth recognizing! I think this time of year is the perfect time to make a comeback or to start, exactly because it’s a difficult time of year. If you can overcome it by eating/drinking in moderation, still enjoy yourself, and still lose weight, you can do just about anything including success during the other months.

    • Definitely! I am hoping this blog will keep me focused once more. =D But yeah it is definitely nice to know my healthy habits of losing weight stuck with me so I didn’t get out of control and gain all the weight back! Excited to get back on track and reach my goals!

  2. welcome back! maintenance is great, so take some pride in that. You sound like you are ready to get moving again! Looking forward to reading all about it!

    • Definitely taking pride in the fact I maintained that 80 pound loss! There were definitely times it was a struggle, and I would reminisce with my husband… “Remember when we just ate and didn’t care…” but then I remembered how I felt when I just ate and didn’t care: not good. haha So I am glad the habits I have learned to live a more healthy lifestyle definitely stuck!

  3. Helloo girl πŸ™‚ I missed you, you have come so far and I’m sure everyone is so proud of you right now. Even I am going trough a really unmotivated period but I constantly try to motivate myself once again, I deserve a healthy body and so do you. I am sure you will get your motivation back on xx

    • Unmotivated times are difficult! I just feel so blah, and I get into the rut of doing the same thing… over and over again. haha But yes, we deserve to feel and look our best! =D

      • We do πŸ™‚ I am doing everything to motivate myself and it is slowly paying off. I even did a picture of beyonce on my phone to motivate me to work harder hehe.

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