Weekend of Success!


This has been a great weekend getting remotivated in fitness and healthy eating despite being away with the girls for all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I was definitely nervous because it was a lot of eating out, and sometimes I just like to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I am craving. This weekend I tracked everything. I even got the motivation to wake up early on Saturday morning and go out for a jog in tge frigid air before embarking on a 2 hour trip South to look at Bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses for the bride. There was a lot of walking around stores, trying on dresses, and doing a little shopping for ourselves. I burned over 700 calories that day and ate a little more than my normal calorie amount (around 1600 calories instead of 1400), and still had 500 calories left from what I had burned. I would say that was successful! Yay!

Today, I did not do as amazing mostly because I was a little less active. Drove back home, went horse back riding, and made homemade cornbread to go with the turkey chili my husband made. I am a little over where I want to be calorie wise because unfortunately I am lacking in healthy snacks at home because I ate the last yogurt on Monday.  Ooops. I do blame on horseback riding again tomorrow and not having any of the pie my mom is getting for her birthday tomorrow.

Trying on dresses was definitely very motivating. I am currently a size 14 but would love to be a size 10 by next Summer. Though I have been maintaining my weight, I have definitely gotten more flabby. Need to work on getting back in shape definitely. Please help keep me motivated!

Sorry this post was not as exciting as I wanted… we really did not take pictures this weekend. Ooops. Maybe the next time we go down in December. Also I am on the hubby’s tablet and I am not a huge fan of it. Haha but we are all cuddled in the living 

room watching the Bronco’s game! Whoooooo! Yes, during the course of a year, I have become a fan of football. I have been making healthy football fan food! Stay tune for recipes!


Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend! How are you feeling going into Monday?


2 thoughts on “Weekend of Success!

  1. Celebrate the successful weekend 🙂 it nice to have you back here you are such a motivation without knowing yourself. The best thing about this, is that it has no end we keep on until we get were we want, no one is running after us.

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