I am not Perfect — And that is Okay


I strive for perfection. A little pain stabs at my heart when I get a B instead of an A. When a person would tell me that it was “Good” instead of “Great.” I don’t know why I can’t be happy with just being in a happy medium but it drives me crazy. I want to be awesome… ALL the time, but do you know how exhausting that is? Pretty damn exhausting. And it does not leave me filling fulfilled and happy at all. I just move on to the next thing I need to be perfect at. This feeling also keeps me from trying new things. I am so afraid of being really crappy at something that I just won’t do it. I don’t know why I expect to be able to do something perfectly the first time, but I really lay the pressure on thick and then freeze up and just back up entirely. That is no way to live a life. It is okay to make mistakes, and I need to learn that is acceptable. I mean… I don’t expect perfection from other people, so why should I expect it for myself? 

Today, I am taking a rest day even though I wanted Monday to be my rest day. My muscles are still screaming from Tuesday’s Jillian work-out. Despite the aches, I still went to the gym last night and put in a 33 minute work out. My legs were okay while working out but afterwards, they were screaming. Going down the stairs was a very slow process. I then went to yoga to stretch it out and hopefully that would help a little more… and though I got some relief, I still woke up really stiff and achy today. Ugh. Doing Jillian’s work out today is just not in the cards. I would like to be able to go to classes tomorrow. Despite knowing this is what my body needs, I still feel that stab of disappointment. I want to be perfect. I want to do it all right the first time. Ugh. Not a fun feeling, but better to take it easy now than cause an injury and be out of commission for weeks instead of a day. I fully intend on horseback riding and hitting up the gym tomorrow and resuming my Jillian torture on Saturday. 



Today is just one day in the large scheme of things. I am still eating healthy (had a delicious Strawberry Greek yogurt with Dark Chocolate Granola for Breakfast). I will just be taking it easy today so I can kick butt the rest of the week. I am not a failure because I am not perfect every day. That is just too much for a person to expect of themselves. It is okay to take a step back.

You are not perfect and neither am I.

And that is okay. 


9 thoughts on “I am not Perfect — And that is Okay

  1. That’s exactly right! I have a hard time with the perfectionism, too. Must have something to do with the way we grew up? It’s an obstacle to overcome and you recognized that it’s ok to not have perfect days every day.

    • I guess so…I am not entirely sure where it came from. haha I guess I just don’t like being a disappointment so I freak out at any opportunity where it is likely that I will be.

  2. This happens to me to at times especially when I try to exercise, I cannot fully exercise well because of my bad knee :(, but I try to still do something anyways however it has become really hard to do something in the crappy weather we’ve been having.

    • Hugs! Something is always better than nothing! Sorry about your bad knee… that really sucks but I am so proud of you for continue trying and not always using it as an excuse! Time to do more push ups. :p

      • Thanks sweety :), yeah it’s a pain in the ass at times, because it limits me to do more but I have to try and keep myself active, I have to lose weight in some way 🙂 I deserve a fit and healthy body, *doing push up* 1, 2 ,3 😛 hehe

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