Weekend of Fun… and Too Much Salt


This was a fairly successful weekend in terms of fitness and eating. I even managed doing Jillian again on Saturday, went horseback riding, and had plenty of yummy food but still managed to stay within my calorie range (for the most part). The only down side was there was a lot of salt… Between having bacon in the morning, sushi for lunch on Saturday, and then having some tortilla chips, salsa, and homemade mozzarella sticks on Sunday, I am definitely feeling a bit overloaded. Regardless, I am still proud of how the weekend turned out and this Monday has been strong too. 45 minutes doing a variety workout on the Elliptical and burning close to 400 calories. Yee haw! 

Saturday was the husband and mine’s date day. We spent the whole entire day together. We had a delicious breakfast with a bacon and egg English muffin bread sandwich from the local bakery (so good, melt in your mouth delicious but a little on the caloric side). I then did my Jillian Michael work out since I was unable to do it on Thursday so I only managed to do it twice last week. I definitely plan on doing it three times this week! After that, we spent the whole day shopping, dreaming about the future, laughing and getting my rings re-sized! When my husband first proposed, it was with a size 7 ring. It is now being re-sized to 5 and a half! Awesome! It is like dropping a dress size, seriously. I was so excited. I also bought my first button down shirt in ages! Normally I stay away from button down shirts because my boobs always pop out… but no more!




I really like it! I definitely see more button down shirts in my future.

Sunday was Football Sunday! But not before spending some quality time with my pony! I definitely like how active I was this weekend for the most part. Sunday was a blast spending it with my husband and one of my best friends (she is actually the reason why I even understand football). So in honor of Football Sunday, I decided to try some healthy snack fare which included “corn dogs” which were just chicken breast hot dogs stuck in a corn muffin and looked very wrong (hahaha!). The other thing I tried were ” baked” mozzarella sticks.



Basically, you just take mozzarella sticks, cut them in half, dip them in skim milk, roll them in bread crumbs and bake for 7 minutes at 425 F. They were pretty yummy when dipped in marinara sauce but definitely can taste the saltiness of the cheese! Blargh. They were pretty good, though.

This Week I plan on watching my salt in take, staying within my calories, and definitely making sure I make it out to the gym again Wednesday and Friday and doing Jillian, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

What are your goals for the week? 

Stay strong!


8 thoughts on “Weekend of Fun… and Too Much Salt

  1. I love the photo, you are looking great! Shirt is totally cute on you. 🙂 Wow, your ring size really did go down! I have no idea what my ring size is but I had one ring resized recently. Just can’t remember what the size was!

    I don’t make weekly goals even though I should. Mostly this week I keep reminding myself that Thanksgiving is next week and that I will be attending a wedding in early December! This is a super hormonal week if you know what I mean, so I am fighting with myself just about every waking hour not to seek out junk food!

    • I KNOW. It is crazy. No more chubby fingers! So excited! And thanks. I totally am loving that shirt! Definitely launched its way into my favorite list. haha

      Weekly goals help me stay more focused, but during that time of the month… I am definitely really bad at keeping them! lol

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