Weigh In late but not Forgotten


Hey! I know this is a couple days late but I have been super busy with school projects due before Thanksgiving break, working out and helping my mom buy a new vehicle for the winter! I am so proud of her for listening to me. It was just very time consuming to spend all day at the car dealership on Saturday. I did manage to get my Jillian work out in before leaving though! And that made me feel super accomplished. 

This is going to be a short post for now because I really hate typing on the tablet!  So my weigh in on Friday was another success. I started at 183 at the beginning of the week and made it down to 181 by Friday for another 2 pound loss! Yay! I am on par for where I want to be. I am hoping to be at 180 by Thanksgiving morning. I plan on weighing myself Thursday morning instead of Friday because I know with Thanksgiving the night before my numbers won’t be so pretty the morning after. 

I am really proud of the work I did last week. I went to the gym twice and worked myself pretty hard. I also stuck with my Jillian work out three times and I am already noticing a huge improvement!


This week, despite the holiday, I still plan on hitting the gym three times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and stick with the 30 day shred on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Definitely on Thursday. I do not know what my game plan for eating on Thanksgiving  is… I know I will not be really drinking if at all. I am going to be making a non-processed version of green bean casserole that will hopefully be yummy and low in sodium and calories! If it is a successful recipe, I will definitely be posting the recipe!


What are your goals for Thanksgiving?


5 thoughts on “Weigh In late but not Forgotten

    • Yeah definitely a good goal… no seconds! Definitely will be hard since my neighbor seriously makes some of the best homemade stuffing ever… Ugh. And we only get it once a year. lol

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