Sheepish Hello…


I know I disappeared again… but I have some valid excuses! I swear. Only half of them revolve around laziness! Also I was pretty bad with the holidays. So many yummy goodies and I ate them all most of them! After Thanksgiving, I actually got food poisoning. That is not fun! And then after that I spent all my time finishing school projects, studying for finals, and baking a crap load of cookies. I send out cookies for my husband’s customers to enjoy over the holidays and as a thank you for their business. I feel like it is a nice personable gift because I put a lot of love in those suckers! Unfortunately, I also ate a few of them… and we also got a lot of goodies from friends and relatives. So those five pounds I loss in November, well I found them! 

This past week I have been getting back on track, though. Been putting everything into the wonderful MyFitnessPal and staying below my calories. My activity has been lacking, but that will be changing once I go back to school and can go back to the gym. Despite that, I have lost about 3 of those pounds I have gained over the Holidays so I am feeling pretty good about that!

2013 was a year of just taking in life, I guess. I definitely lived in the moment a lot which is not bad at all… I just never did it in the most healthy way possible. I did realize I could maintain my weight though which is a bonus but it was not the weight I wanted to maintain it at. 2014 is the year where that is going to change! So let me hop on the “Goals for 2014 Train” CHOO CHOO.

1. Get down to 160 by June.

I have 6 months to lose 23 pounds. Definitely do-able! I know once you start getting closer to your goal weight the harder it is to shed the weight. I am only looking at losing 4 pounds a month. I got this. I am going to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in August. I want to feel and look my best!

2. Not be so Attached to Technology

I hate the fact I spend so much time on my phone, computer, watching TV. I haven’t really read much this break and I hate it. I used to be able to read a book like it was nobody’s business… but now I am stuck in this cycle of watching TV, playing video games, repeat. I want to have more in-depth conversations with my husband. Discuss life a little more instead of just turning my brain to mush. Yucky mushy brain!

3. More Road Trips/More Adventures

One of my big goals this year: Get my passport. It is a shame to live so close to the Canada border and not being able to explore it! Definitely want to do this with my husband. We have traveled all over the state of Maine and are ready to broaden our horizons! I am really craving more adventure in my life. Traveling down to Pennsylvania for my friend’s wedding will definitely be a blast!

4. Stay Motivated in School

I started procrastinating last semester, but I do not want to get to the end of the semester again feeling overwhelmed. Going to stay on top of my studies!

Those are my main 4 goals. Lose weight, live life. I also need to look into volunteering and getting more involved in the world of Dietitians. I only have two more years left of my degree and then I need to make myself look good for an internship… which means recommendations! Already feeling the pressure.

So here is to a successful 2014!


11 thoughts on “Sheepish Hello…

    • Oh yeah it is beautiful up there! I have gone a few times before the passport thing went into effect but my husband has never gone! Definitely need to fix that this year!

  1. The weight you lose from food poisoning probably would have come back either way. It’s hard to keep from the Christmas cookies but it was really nice of you to put so much effort into your husband’s customers!
    Great goals, too! I’d be scared to back away from technology. haha Any video games in particular you have been into lately?

    • Haha the weight loss was before the food poisoning… I actually didn’t lose any weight during it… which was weird but I was really pumping in the fluids so I didn’t become dehydrated.

      The customers really appreciate the cookies! Now they look forward to them every year so I can’t stop! haha

      Lately the husband and I have been playing the Lego Marvel on xbox and then on the computer we have been playing Starbound and Left 4 Dead 2 (well me mostly watching and screaming) haha

      • It is currently in Beta, but I have so much exploring and dying 5 million times to monsters that are WAY EFFING STRONGER than me. haha All my characters and hard work is going to be wiped in a week though. Boo.

        And we did get Left for Dead 2 during the Steam Sale… couldn’t pass it up! I still haven’t played it myself. I am scared. LOL

  2. Glad to see you’re back, again! I disappeared for awhile again too! Yes get your passport and come up good ol’ Canada for a visit! What’s your MFP name?? we can be friends on there too.

    • Yay! Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging! haha And my MFP name is cassylue2 (I think..) been having problems adding people since I use it mostly on my phone. But fingers crossed!

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