What to Expect this Week…


In a half hour, I pack up my backpack and head out into the world to start my Spring semester. This is going to be a little more busy and tougher than last semester but I am definitely looking forward to the challenge. The last week on break I was starting to get back into “healthy thinking,” and took a small break from my nemesis: sugar. Over the past month I had gotten into the habit of having some sort of dessert at the end of the day which usually set me back over 200 calories. I have to say going back to not having a cookie or something after dinner was a challenge! I was never hungry, but there would just be this nagging in the back of my mind. Yet I persevered!ย 

This week I am hoping to get into a habit of blogging again. I want to get more involved and post about 3x a week with a weigh-in post on Friday.

My goal this week revolves around fitness. I am hoping to start this semester off strong and go to the gym 4x a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The plan is to do cardio 3x a week and then Saturday morning the husband and I will be doing some weight training.ย 

Unfortunately this post needs to be cut short since I have to head out in the world! Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Anyone else have goals set for themselves this week?


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