Learning A Lot About Change…


I am a scheduler. I like to have structure and know exactly what I am going to do in a day. I loved being a student and knowing I had the flexibility to just go home to have a healthy lunch. Moving to Colorado has been wonderful but it has also been a HUGE change. Being near such wonderful family has kept our social calendar pretty full (and food temptations high). I have surpassed the 200 pound mark again, and I am finding it very hard to get back down below it… and I desperately want to get back to where I was before. I have been busting my ass in the gym at least 3x a week, plus I have been riding my horse. The only thing holding me back is what I have been eating, and how  much of it I have been eating.


Thanksgiving week I did not hold up to my goal. I drank wine. I was merry and happy and enjoyed every minute of it. I only ate one piece of pie… but gosh darn if those mashed potatoes aren’t delectable? So yes, I need to get my eating under control. My diet is the only thing holding me back. When I first started losing weight, I wasn’t very social for the first 2-3 months because I absolutely knew I could not handle temptations. I also had the flexibility of being at home more and preparing healthy meals. Now I work a full time job, see my horse pretty much every day, go to the gym 3x a week at night, and pretty much have pretty full weekends. What do you guys do to stay healthy on the go? I am starting to brain storm a lot of healthy crock pot ideas since I think that will be easier with our schedule. I would love to hear if you have any favorites.

In other news, I dyed my hair… RED. I have never done anything this drastic before but I really love it.

Omgosh I still can't get over it.

Omgosh I still can’t get over it.


Change is a good thing, but it definitely takes some planning when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Goals This Week:

1. Track all I eat

2. Go a work out class at the gym besides just my personal training. Might be cool to try something new!

3. Do not eat out for any meals.


Lets make this week rock, shall we?


2 thoughts on “Learning A Lot About Change…

  1. I know exactly how you feel about gaining weight again. I can’t seem to stay below 160 and it is driving me nuts. I get down for maybe a week and then go back up for three weeks. It’s tough. And the holidays and holiday eating make it tougher. Part of me wants to stop getting on the scale until after New Years. But I will keep trying just like you are. Keep it up! I love your blog. And the red hair looks great.

    • It totally sucks! I swore I would never go over the 200’s again and yet here I am. :/ I am working on not hating myself about it, though. Just have to go with the flow and realize at least I made a lot of awesome memories this summer. 😛

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