We Are All Just a Bunch of Walking Heads


Meditation was very interesting to partake in. There actually was a lot of new students at the class so I wonder if this feeling of directionless and stress is going around. The one thing about meditation is trying to be more aware of how your body changes in response to your thoughts. Those feeling of anxiety and depression change the way you breathe, how your muscles tense, and many other things. Sometimes you just need to be an observer of what is happening to you instead of being so caught up in the brain and thoughts. This is something I really need to work on. My destructive emotions are unchecked and running amok. My biggest is being guilt and shame with a mix of depression. I do not feel like I do enough for people and I am always letting people down. I keep pushing myself to be better, to be perfect, and hold myself to these incredibly high standards that quickly come crashing down as soon as I mess up (which I am bound to do because hello, I am human). This goes the same with weight loss. I am either super strict or I am sabotaging myself. It is very hard for me to be in the middle which is something I really want to improve on.

Anyway it is Monday so that means weekly goals! Here we go:

  1. Weigh in on Friday. Be down to 204.
  2. Run 3x this week.
  3. Ride my horse 3x this week.
  4. Despite it being my birthday week, have sugary sweets in moderation.
  5. Keep the blogging up, yo!

That’s right. You heard it. My birthday falls on Labor Day this year so I get a 3-Day weekend in my honor. You’re welcome. I really have no plans in the works besides the Taylor Swift shin-dig on Sunday so if you have any ideas of fun birthday activities to do, let me know! It might include visiting a vineyard, going on a 40 mile bike ride, visiting a mountain town (though they are probably going to be packed for the weekend). I am kind of bummed I did not realize Frontier was having such AMAZING deals on travel. I would have booked a $20 ticket to Vegas. Ah well, maybe next year. I know I want a balance of exploring as well as relaxing as chilling. Which is a hard thing for me to do (again with the whole all or nothing balance thing). So give me your ideas.

What is your week looking like?

What is an emotion you want to focus on accepting and leaving your body?

How many licks does it take to get to a center of a tootsie pop? Curious minds want to know!

Meanwhile, stare at this picture. Doesn’t it just make you feel inspired? This is definitely one of my favorite places.


Too Much Driving and 8 Week Post-Op!


Today the husband and I made the long trek up North to see the oral surgeon and to see if the doctor is pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the doctor is a 2 hour and fifteen minute drive away and my appointment was at 8am. Which means I had to get up at 5am. I don’t do early mornings very well, especially if I was up until 11:30 the night before playing games (I know it is my own darn fault… but you just get sucked in). Because of the super early morning, we decided to grab something on the road. I ended up getting a small peppermint mocha made with skim milk and the husband and I split 10 munchkins (I had 4 and he had 6). Not the best choice in the world but I wasn’t sure how I could handle biting into a sandwich and driving. I did feel proud of myself knowing that in the past, the husband and I would have split a 20 box (most likely evenly). That was a lot of calories. Those little munchkins really add up! The sugar was a good enough boost to get me feeling energetic on the drive up there, though. I was a little bit nervous about what the doctor would say. I have been doing my jaw exercises, but didn’t know if it was progressing as fast as it should be.

The doctors are pretty¬†ecstatic¬†with the results! I backslid a little bit but that is to be expected with the muscles adjusting, and it was a pretty severe move of the jaw. We took my “after pictures” that were so dramatic compared to my “before” shots that they are actually going to use my picture to convince other people who may need the surgery as well. YAY! It is awesome to see that I actually have a jaw now!

After the appointment, we met up with some friends in the area for a second breakfast/early lunch. The doctor gave me the go ahead to experiment with all foods now, so I decided to get my first breakfast sandwich in ages. I ended up getting an egg white biscuit with a slice of Canadian bacon on it, a 100 calorie hash brown, and a bottle of water.

When it was time to go home, I was really feeling the lack of sleep. I was utterly exhausted and so was the husband (since he was in the same boat). I had planned to go jogging as soon as I came home, but ended up having a small Thanksgiving bowl (a 530 calories dish I invented with Thanksgiving leftovers) and got on the computer to write a blog post instead! Food wise, I am at where I should be… around 1330 calories. Mostly I am craving things because I am tired… so I am just going to try to take it as easy as possible and avoid eating empty calories just because I am feeling a little low! I know once I get a good night’s rest under my belt, I will be good to go tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning, I plan on spending some time with my horse, Daisy and then go on a small jog to make up for my lack of activity today.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish before the week is done?

Another Short One…


With this blogging every single day thing, there are going to be a few short posts… but I promise a longer one tomorrow! Really!! But here is what I did today:

Horseback Riding – 30 minutes – burned about 310 calories doing that

Grooming – 20 minutes – burned about 127 calories or something like that.

30 Day Shred – no idea how many calories I burned but not doing it for awhile… it really kicked my butt! I was dripping sweat by the end of it.


I did really good with my eating, but I did end up eating out… so that means I really can’t go out for dinner again until next weekend. Ooops. I ate 1325 calories and my goal is around 1400 right now. Not too shabby.

On Sundays, I am supposed to run 2 miles but since I ran 2 miles on Friday and went hiking on Saturday, I needed that rest day from running.


Tomorrow is the beginning of the week weigh in so we will see how well I have done! Hopefully kicking it into high gear and watching my calories will really make a difference.

How was everyone’s weekend?