I Need a “Be My Friend” Card – Like a Business Card but With More Awesome


Moving has been rough. Once it all sank in and things started to fall into place and the novelty sort of wore out, I began really missing my friends. I have friends scattered all over the United States (a couple in Canada, hello there neighbor!) and despite being surrounded by a lot of nice people, I craved that familiarity. I missed Thursday night game night. Drinking wine and watching Grey’s and lamenting over all the cool people dying and the main character complaining. I have never been one who has been great at making a lot of friends. I tend to stick to a close knit group and I love it. I do not need lots and lots of friends. I just need a select few of creative individuals that I can call over for a marathon of trashy television. Is that so much to ask for?


I seriously feel like instead of passing out Business Cards, I need to have will you be my friend card. Like hey, you are an awesome person. Lets have coffee sometime! Or a glass of wine. I know it’s before 11AM but you only live once, right? I am not sure what my motto would be yet. Something mystical but full of mystery. Maybe you can even help me come up with one! Wouldn’t that just be AMAZING? I know that is exactly what you are thinking. Who doesn’t want to be a motto-inventor?

So that is currently my state of mind. A feeling of loneliness from a lack of a close connection. My priorities just feel all over the place. My husband and I decided to check out some Meet Up groups in the area. Meet Up is a fancy site, yo. I am hoping we cross paths with some awesome folk. Maybe I will even have a business card all made up. Who has a motto? Bonus points if it includes unicorns.

And go!

All I See is the Number 185


It has definitely been awhile since I have wandered around these ol’ blogging parts, and it has been missed. So much and yet so little has changed since I sort of just… left. I am in the middle of my second semester of becoming a Nutritionist (and hopefully becoming an RD). I became a fan of football (I know. I never thought I would say that either). And have just been enjoying life. The one thing that has not really changed though is my weight. I have pretty much been at the same number for a whole entire year, and in some ways, that is a good thing. I lost 80 pounds and did not back slide. On the downside, I have not progressed either. I have just been stuck. Unmotivated. And every time I go to swing my legs up to get back on the horse, I end up completely missing and falling back down. I am getting really tired of being stuck in the same rut. I miss how I felt last year. How I felt ready to take on the world, motivated, wanting to go out and do stuff to show off how great I felt on the inside. 

I think one of the reasons I was so successful last year was because I had this wonderful blog to help keep me accountable. I wanted to help inspire people to show them that it can be done. Helping others gives me such a joy and also helps keep me focused and motivated. I am currently on a journey to get a degree where I will be able to do just that, but how will I be motivating if I can’t even keep myself motivated? This has got to change. I know I always pick the worse times to get back on the horse… when I first started losing weight (and changing my life!) was in December of 2011, right before Christmas. The Holidays are the hardest times to start changing a routine because the routine gets changed so much to begin with. There is food around that is never around any other time of the year. The good news, though, is if you can avoid the temptation of the holidays… you can avoid them any time of the year. Not saying you can’t give in to any temptation, but this is a good time as any to teach yourself moderation.

So that is my goal from today to New Years: give into temptation in moderation. No alcohol except for a little on Thanksgiving. Do not feel like all the leftovers need to be devoured. It is okay to throw out some of that pumpkin pie. I do not want to be stuck looking at the number 185 for the rest of my life. I am getting so close to my 100 pound goal. I need to make that goal into a reality. 

ImageThis is my comeback. This is when I make 2014 the year I succeed at my goals and blow them out of the water. Expect to see me around. And while we are at… do you have a comeback story?


Quick Post Before Bed…


Despite a low activity day today, I still stayed within my calories even eating a 3oz steak! Yum! Tomorrow will be a much more active day since I will be walking around campus in between classes and then going to the gym. Tomorrow is treadmill day and my goal is to reach the 3 mile mark! 

Stay tune, tomorrow I am also going to be writing up a post about fad diets! I am so excited to become a nutritionist! How was everyone’s Tuesday? You feeling good about this week?

A Long Time Coming…


Hi folks! I know, I know. You are wondering “Who is this strange beast that has come up suddenly on my reading list?” Yes, I realize. I have been sporadic and gone for long periods of time, but I miss you guys. Sincerely. I am hoping you will take me back as I search to get re-motivated and tell you all about my wonderful weight loss (that has been neither wonderful or loss lately… more emphasis on the weight). During my vacation to Disneyland and getting the flu right afterwards, I managed to gain 10 pounds.


Pounds. 5 weeks of work gone in 2 weeks. But, I did not get depressed my friends. No. I did not. I got motivated. I got a FitBit! I started going to the gym regularly and I made some freaking goals. My weight is currently at 188 after a week and a half of getting back on track and going to the gym 3 times a week and horseback riding 2 to 3 times a week. My Fitbit definitely helps keep me motivated and aware of my activity throughout the day. Even if I do not have a big work out, I still manage to go on walks because I want my step count to go up!

School has been busy, but I have actually been thriving in it. My grades are fairly stable, and I am looking at ending the semester with a pretty nice GPA. Also on the horizon, I am planning on having my very first show season with my horse. Hopefully everything goes well there, and it is good motivation to keep me active and working towards strengthening the bond between woman and horse. Or something like that.

For weight loss, my goal is to lose 1.5 – 2 pounds a week by Friday.

For the gym, I want to get my work out time to 50 minutes. And run 3 miles on the treadmill.

I want to stay within my calorie goal and also detox from refined sugars starting today. 

What are your plans for the week? Lets keep each other motivated!

I also plan on blogging more — so prepare yourself! The crazy may possibly be back.

A Little Back Story…


This morning, I wrote up my Work In Progress: Success Story over at my other site, 3 Girls Against The Scale. It really amazes me how much I have accomplished in just one year. I have hiked mountains, rode on roller coasters, drove 17+ hours in one go, and lost 80 pounds. Amazing. I decided to take control of my life and I am so glad I did.


Weekend Accomplishments


Well right now, my arms and body are sore.

I have no idea what my weight is today because my scale is on the fritz.

And I did not count calories all weekend, though I was always consciously aware of what I was putting in the ol’ piehole.


So what did happen this weekend?

The husband and I rearranged the furniture in the office so we would have room for the tree.

We got rid of some clutter for good.

We walked across a Christmas Tree Farm in the cold to find the perfect tree.

Cut it down ourselves.

Dragged it on a sled.

Set it up at home and put lights around it.

Danced and played Fruit Ninja with the new Kinect system we got for the XBOX 360 (What a work out!)

And got Holiday Pictures taken!

So I didn’t get everything I want accomplished done, but I still feel like the weekend was very productive.

How did you guys do this weekend? Any triumphs you care to share?



Fear of Falling…


Lets face it. There is a lot of things to be afraid of in this world. Just listen to the news for 15 minutes, you can probably find something disturbing enough to make you want to stay locked up inside for the rest of your life. Bad things happen all the time… even to the best of people. I understand being afraid of the unknown or failing. That is a natural instinct, but when you continuously use that fear as an excuse, you are never going to find change and live a life of fear forever. Who wants to live in fear forever? The world is a wonderful place too! Once I opened up my heart and came out of my shell a little bit, I found myself longing to get outdoors more and meet more people. I have met some amazing people in such a short amount of time. I am not afraid to smile and wave to a stranger on a walk. I feel stronger, confident, and more upbeat… and my world just seems to mirror that as well.

Failure is going to happen… I do not know a single person who has not failed at least once at one thing or another. If you never fail at anything, then you either do not try a lot of things… or you are just too awesome and I have no idea why you are reading this blog. (:p) I know a lot of people who are afraid to get healthy because they are afraid of failing…or never being able to eat their favorite foods. Of course you are going to have set backs… that scale is going to read the same numbers even though you swear up and down you did every thing right. It happens. You can still eat your favorite dishes… you may just have to cut back on some of the unneeded calories. You can have a delicious burger that is only 400 calories instead of getting one from a fast food joint for twice that amount… and personally, I think food tastes better when you make it yourself or share it with other people. So do not be afraid to reach out! Have a get together and challenge everyone to bring a low-calorie dish. This is a fun way to try new foods and find new favorites and also enjoy time with friends.

Do not let the fear keep you from achieving your dreams. There is never going to be a scare-free opportunity in your life. I am sure you are going to feel some anxiety every time you try something new. I have a lot of fears and doubts and worries. I am scared for my mom because she does not know how to make good choices for herself. I am afraid of eating a little too much and gaining all the weight I have lost. I am terrified of losing people close to me… It is scary. You never know what the day is going to bring. I have been on the side of the phone where you are told someone you love has passed on. It is a horrible place to be, but I refuse to spend my life waiting by the phone for another one of those phone calls. I need to appreciate what I have right now. Right now, I am in the best shape I have been in a long time. Right now, I am surrounded by people I love. Right now, I am living a healthier life. Right now, I am blessed.

I know the world may seem like a scary place… but I am happy to say each time I have fallen, someone has been there to help me up when I was not afraid to put my hand out. If you curl up in a ball in the corner and get frustrated by no one else helping, it’s probably because they just do not see you. Hold out your hand. You may be impressed by the number of people who want to see others succeed.

I will succeed on this journey. I will overcome negative sources in my life and try to turn them into positives. I will fall, but most importantly, I will get back up.

With the stress of the weekend, I gained 2 pounds. Most of it is just water from eating a little too much salty things, but still… I was hoping to reach my goal of 40 pounds today because I was only 1 pound away last week. Oh well! I will get there.

And so will you! Keep your head up. Someone is cheering for your success!